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Capital Talk with Hamid Mir

Capital Talk (Will Pakistan Receive 25 Billion Dollar or Not?) – 18th March 2014
Capital Talk (Sindh is Becoming Hell For Women, Why?) - 17th March 2014
Capital Talk (Life Threats to Pervez Musharraf, What is Reality?) – 13th March 2014
Capital Talk (Ali Zafar Special From National College of Arts Lahore) - 12th March 2014
Capital Talk (Pervez Musharraf Case and Thar Issue) - 11th March 2014
Capital Talk (Senator S. M Zafar Exclusive interview) - 10th March 2014
Capital Talk (Should Army Officers Joined Dialogue Process?)- 6th March 2014
Capital Talk (Exclusive Interview of Mama Qadeer Baloch) - 5th March 2014
Capital talk (Why Our Security Agencies Failed to Stop Islamabad Attack?) – 4th March 2014
Capital Talk (Khawaja Asif Exclusive Interview on the Security of Pakistan) – 3rd March 2014
Capital talk (Parliament Mein Charas, Sharab Aur Larkiyon Ki Supply Kyun?) - 27th February 2014
Capital Talk (All Parties Consensus Required on National Security Policy) – 26th February 2014
Capital talk (Operation and Dialogue Both At the Same Time, What is This?) – 25th February 2014
Capital Talk (Kya Waziristan Ko Operation Se Pehley Khali Kya Jaye Ga?) - 24th February 2014
Capital Talk (What is the Future of Dialogue with Taliban) – 20th February 2014
Capital talk (Taleem Ke Nisab Mein Changing Kyun?) – 19th February 2014
Capital talk (Is Musharraf Trial Compulsory for Pakistan) – 18th February 2014
Capital talk (Will the Dialogue Process Remain Continue or Not?) - 17th February 2014
Capital talk (Dialogue: Kaun Kis Ko Dhoka De Raha Hai?) - 13th February 2014
Capital talk (Exclusive Interview of Maulana Fazal ur Rehman ) – 12th February 2014
Capital talk (Imran Khan Exclusive Interview with Hamid Mir) - 11th February 2014
Capital Talk (Talban's Response is Position, Dialogue May Succeed) - 10th February 2014
Capital Talk (Exclusive Interview of Richard Olson) – 6th February 2014
Capital Talk (Why United Nation is Silent on Six Thousand Missing Persons) – 5th February 2014
Capital Talk (Are There Differences in Govt Dialogue Committee?) – 4th February 2014
Capital Talk (Taliban Kya Mutalibat Paish Karein Ge?) - 3rd February 2014
Capital Talk (Will Dialogue Process Be Successful or Not?) - 30th January 2014
Capital Talk (Exclusive Interview of Aitzaz Ahsan) – 29th January 2014
Capital Talk (When Nawaz Sharif Announce Something Important About Taliban?) – 27th January 2014
Capital Talk (Dialogue Ke Naam Par Ab Aur Fraud Nahi Chale Ga) - 23rd January 2014
Capital Talk (Exclusive Interview with CM Balouchistan Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch) – 22nd January 2014
Capital Talk (Khawaja Asif Exclusive Interview on Terrorism and Musharraf) – 21st January 2014
Capital Talk (What is the Purpose of Taliban To Target the Media Persons) - 20th January 2014
Capital Talk (Dehshat Gard Aur Musharraf Donon Qabu Se Bahar) – 16th January 2014
Capital Talk (Asfandyar Wali Khan Exclusive Interview) – 15th January 2014
Capital Talk (Pakistan Mein Eid Milad un Nabi Josh o Khorosh Se Manay Gaya) - 14th January 2014
Capital Talk (Gas Crises, Hakumat Ki Na Ehli Ka Natija) - 13th January 2014
Capital Talk (Zardari Court Main Pesh Hogaye Musharraf Kyun Nahi?) - 9th January 2014
Capital Talk (MQM Ki Supprt Se Musharraf Ko Faida Hoga Ya Nuqsan?) - 8th January 2014
Capital Talk (Kya Pervez Musharraf Trial Se Bach Jayein Ge?) - 7th January 2014

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