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DNA on Channel 24

DNA (Panama Leaks Ki Nai Series Jari Hone Wali Hai) – 12th April 2016
DNA (Will Nawaz Sharif Resign?) – 11th April 2016
DNA (Politics of Allegations on Peak) – 7th April 2016
DNA (Why People Make Off-Shore Companies) – 6th April 2016
DNA (Pakistani Siasat Mein Bhonchaal) – 5th April 2016
DNA (Panama Leaks, Shocking Revelations) – 4th April 2016
DNA (Hakumat Ki Karkardagi Kaisi?) – 31st March 2016
DNA (Kya Punjab Mein Terrorist Maujood Hain) – 30th March 2016
DNA (Army Chief Ordered Punjab Operation) – 29th March 2016
DNA (Lahore Incident, A Black Day) – 28th March 2016
DNA (Bharat Ka Agent Quetta Se Giraftar) – 24th March 2016
DNA (One More Party In The Politics of Pakistan) – 23rd March 2016
DNA (Future of Pakistan Cricket) – 22nd March 2016
DNA (Pervez Musharraf Left Pakistan) – 21st March 2016
DNA (What Aitzaz Ahsan Says About Musharraf) – 17th March 2016
DNA (Finally Musharraf's Name Removed From ECL) – 16th March 2016
DNA (Imran Khan Exclusive Interview With Arif Nizami) – 15th March 2016
DNA (Politics of PPP, Special Talk with Maula Bakhash Chandio) – 14th March 2016
DNA (Politics of Peoples Party) – 10th March 2016
DNA (NAB Bamuqabla Hakumat) – 9th March 2016
DNA (Private Schools Closed) – 8th March 2016
DNA (Dr. Sagheer Joins Mustafa Kamal) – 7th March 2016
DNA (Mustafa Kamal Press Conference) – 3rd March 2016
DNA (New Demand of America From Pakistan) – 3rd March 2016
DNA (What Is The Future of MQM) – 1st March 2016
DNA (Chaudhry Sarwar Exclusive Interview) – 29th February 2016
DNA (What Are The Issues of Industry) – 25th February 2016
DNA (Asif Zardari ka Aik Aur Bayan) – 24th February 2016
DNA (Special Talk with Shahbaz Sharif) – 23rd February 2016
DNA (Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad Exclusive Interview) – 22nd February 2016
DNA (NAB Se Kaun Kaun Khaufzada Hai?) – 18th February 2016
DNA (NAB Ki Hit List Par Kaun?) – 17th February 2016
DNA (Aitzaz Ahsan Exclusive Interview) – 16th February 2016
DNA (What Pakistan Gave in Return of LNG Deal?) – 15th February 2016
DNA (Awami Faisle Kahan Hote Hain) – 11th February 2016
DNA (Farooq Sattar Exclusive Interview) – 10th February 2016
DNA (Where Is Pakistan Going) – 9th February 2016
DNA (PIA Crises, Who Is Responsible?) – 8th February 2016
DNA (Hakumat Ki Muashi Policy?) – 4th February 2016
DNA (Shahbaz Sharif Exclusive Interview) – 3rd February 2016


Fawad Chaudhry Vs Ahsan Iqbal on X (Twitter)

Fawad Chaudhry Vs Ahsan Iqbal on X (Twitter)

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