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DNA on Channel 24

DNA (Will PTI Govt Complete Its Term?) -  17th January 2019
DNA (Opposition Alliance, Other Issues) - 16th January 2019
DNA (Shahbaz Sharif & Asif Zardari's Meeting) – 15th January 2019
DNA (Chairman NAB Should Be Summoned in Parliament - Zardari) -  14th January 2019
DNA (Aleema Khan Ka Naam ECL Per Dalne Ka Mutalba) - 11th January 2019
DNA (Bilawal And CM Sindh Name Still on ECL) - 10th January 2019
DNA (Gas Load Shedding Kyun, Other Issues) - 9th January 2019
DNA (Cases in Supreme Court, Core Commanders Conference) - 8th January 2019
DNA (Discussion on Multiple Issues) - 7th January 2019
DNA (PTI's Economic Policy, Other Issues) - 4th January 2019
DNA (Supreme Court Action Against Patwaris) - 3rd January 2019
DNA (Justice Asif Saeed Khosa New Chief Justice) - 2nd January 2019
DNA (Nawaz Sharif Challenged Al-Azizia Case Verdict) - 1st January 2018
DNA (Chief Justice Remarks Against Expected Governor Raj) - 31st December 2018
DNA (PPP Leadership in Trouble) - 28th December 2018
DNA (Bilawal And Asif Zardari Speeches) - 27th December 2018
DNA (Kia Shahbaz Sharif Jail Se Ahtasab Karein Ge) – 26th December 2018
DNA (Ghurbat Ki Bari Waja Corruption) - 25th December 2018
DNA (Will PMLN Protest on Court Verdict?) - 24th December 2018
DNA (What Is Shahzad Akbar's Link With JIT?) - 21st December 2018
DNA (Speaker Ne Opposition Ki Baat Maan Li) -  20th December 2018
DNA (Nawaz Sharif, Zardari Mushkil Mein) – 19th December 2018
DNA (Basant, Ishaq Dar, Taliban, Other Issues) - 18th December 2018
DNA (Asif Zardari Ki Siasat) – 17th December 2018
DNA (Gas Shortage in Sindh, Other Issues) – 14th December 2018
DNA (Khawaja Saad Rafique Ki Giraftari) - 11th December 2018
DNA (PTI Cabinet Meeting Under PM Imran Khan) – 10th December 2018
DNA (Model Town Case, Trouble For PMLN) – 5th December 2018
DNA (Model Town Case, Zulfi Bukhari, Other Issues) - 4th December 2018
DNA (Wazir e Azam Ki Qabal Az Waqt Intekhabat Ki Baatein) - 3rd December 2018
DNA (Opposition Ki Hakumat Per Tanqeed) - 30th November 2018
DNA (Imran Khan Speech on PTI Performance) - 29th November 2018
DNA (Kartarpur Border, Aleema Khan Property, Other Issues) - 28th November 2018
DNA (Accountability Should Be Across The Board - CJ) - 27th November 2018
DNA (PTI Govt Performance in 100 Days) - 27th November 2018
DNA (Media Ko Regulate Karne Ka Faisla) - 22nd November 2018
DNA (PM Malaysia Visit, Shahbaz Sharif Ashiana Scandal) - 21st November 2018
DNA (PMLN Objections on Aleema Khan Property, Other Issues) - 20th November 2018
DNA (Donald Trump Ki Bayan Bazi) - 19th November 2018
DNA (Siasat Dano Ka Ahtasab Aur Ikhtiar) – 16th November 2018


Hamid Mir's tweet on Imran Riaz Khan's arrest

Hamid Mir's tweet on Imran Riaz Khan's arrest

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