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Ikhtilafi Note on Dunya News

Ikhtilafi Note With Habib Akram (Zartaj Gul Sister Issue) - 2nd June 2019
Ikhtilafi Note (Discussion on Multiple Issues) - 31st May 2019
Ikhtilafi Note (Is Govt Going in Right Direction) - 26th May 2019
Ikhtilafi Note (Chairman NAB Issue) - 25th May 2019
Ikhtilafi Note (Chairman NAB Video Scandal) - 24th May 2019
Ikhtilafi Note (PMLN, PPP United Against Govt) - 19th May 2019
Ikhtilafi Note (Opposition Decides To Give Tough Time To Govt) - 18th May 2019
Ikhtilafi Note (IMF Conditions, Dollar Rate Uncontrolled) - 17th May 2019
Ikhtilafi Note (Nation Will Have To Face Tough Time - PM) - 11th May 2019
Ikhtilafi Note (Tax, Inflation, Economy, IMF) - 10th May 2019
Ikhtilafi Note (Kuch Tu Hai Jis Ki Parda Dari Hai) - 4th May 2019
Ikhtilafi Note  (What People Say About PTI Govt) - 28th April 2019
Ikhtilafi Note With Habib Akram (What Public Say About PTI Govt) - 27th April 2019
Ikhtilafi Note With Habib Akram (Public Views About PTI Govt) - 21st April 2019
Ikhtalafi Note With Babar Awan (Freedom Movements in India) – 22nd October 2016
Ikhtalafi Note (Election Commission Ka Insaf) – 10th October 2015
Ikhtalafi Note (Allama Iqbal Ke Baite Wafat Pa Gaye) – 3rd October 2015
Ikhtalafi Note (Supreme Court Issued Order) – 2nd October 2015
Ikhtalafi Note (Tragic Incident in Mina) – 27th September 2015
Ikhtalafi Note (Kya PPP Ne PMLN Se Mafahmat Khatam Kar Di?) – 20th September 2015
Ikhtalafi Note (Peshawar Attack, Who is Involved?) – 19th September 2015
Ikhtalafi Note (Pak Army Soldiers Saved Pakistan) – 18th September 2015
Ikhtalafi Note (Kala Bagh Dam Compulsory for Pakistan) – 13th September 2015
Ikhtalafi Note (No Country Can Survive Without Dams) – 12th September 2015
Ikhtalafi Note (Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah) – 11th September 2015
Ikhtalafi Note (Imran Khan Political Campaign In Sindh) – 4th September 2015
Ikhtalafi Note (New Chief Justice After Ten Days) – 30th August 2015
Ikhtalafi Note (Imran Khan Gives October 4 Deadline) – 29th August 2015
Ikhtalafi Note (Indian Army Ne 7 Pakistani Maar Daale) – 28th August 2015
Ikhtalafi Note (Pervez Rasheed Allegations on Judiciary) – 23rd August 2015
Ikhtalafi Note (Imran Khan Jeet Gaye) – 22nd August 2015
Ikhtalafi Note (General (R) Hameed Gul Passed Away) – 16th August 2015
Ikhtalafi Note (Pakistan Aur India Ka Yaum-e-Azadi) – 15th August 2015
Ikhtalafi Note (Mujrimo Ki Pusht Panahi Kaun Kar Raha Hai?) – 9th August 2015
Ikhtalafi Note (Pakistan Mein Insaf Milna Mushkil Ya Namumkin?) – 8th August 2015
Ikhtalafi Note (What Is the Agenda of Altaf Hussain?) – 7th August 2015
Ikhtalafi Note (D-Seating Motion Against PTI in Assembly) – 2nd August 2015
Ikhtalafi Note (Traders Protest Against Withholding Tax) – 1st August 2015
Ikhtalafi Note (What Other Parties Are Going to Do with PTI?) – 31st July 2015
Ikhtalafi Note (Imran Khan's Seven Questions on JC Report) – 26th July 2015

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Exclusive: CCTV footage of Shehbaz Gill's arrest

Exclusive: CCTV footage of Shehbaz Gill's arrest

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