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Inkaar (PTI and JI Demands Judicial Commission) - 3rd December 2014
Inkaar (PTI and PMLN Allegations to Each Other) - 2nd December 2014
Inkaar (Imran Khan Will Shut Down The Cities) - 1st December 2014
Inkaar (Is Pakistan Moving Towards Constitutional Crises?) - 27th November 2014
Inkaar (Imran is Trying to Influence the Courts - Pervez Rasheed) – 26th November 2014
Inkaar (Will Nawaz Sharif and Narendra Modi Meet Each Other) - 25th November 2014
Inkaar (Govt is Sealing Islamabad to Stop 30th November) - 24th November 2014
Inkaar (Is There Any Deal Done Between Govt and Qadri) - 20th November 2014
Inkaar (Hakumat 5 Saal Porey Kare Gi, Imran Khan Rote Rahin) - 19th November 2014
Inkaar (is Govt Ready For 30th November Adventure?) - 18th November 2014
Inkaar (Is Political Temperature Increasing?) - 17th November 2014
Inkaar (Is Situation Going to Worse After 30th November?) – 13th November 2014
Inkaar (Nawaz Sharif Ke Zehn Par Dharna Sawar Hai - Imran Khan) – 12th November 2014
Inkaar (What Will Happen on 30th November in Islamabad?) - 11th November 2014
Inkaar (Slogan of Change, But Could Not Change Itself) – 10th November 2014
Inkaar (Imran Khan on A Defensive Position?) - 6th November 2014
Inkaar (CM KPK Pervez Khattak Meets PM Nawaz Sharif, Why?) - 5th November 2014
Inkaar (Karbala Incident, The Greatest Sacrifice) – 4th November 2014
Inkaar (Muharram ul Haram Ka Babarkat Maheena) - 3rd November 2014
Inkaar (Imran Khan Special Interview From Container) – 30th October 2014
Inkaar (PTI Resignations Case Will Be Sent to ECP) - 29th October 2014
Inkaar (Will PTI MNAs Verify Their Resignations) - 28th October 2014
Inkaar (New Call of Imran Khan to Shake Nawaz Sharif) - 27th October 2014
Inkaar (PTI's Sit-in Will Continue or Not, Decision on 25th Oct) – 23rd October 2014
Inkaar (Tahir ul Qadri Ne Nayi Strategy Ka Elaan Kar Diya) – 22nd October 2014
Inkaar (Has Govt Come Out of Pressure) – 21st October 2014
Inkaar (Eid Third Day Special) – 31st July 2014
Inkaar (Eid Ki Khushian Aur Hamara Pakistan) – 30th July 2014
Inkaar (Will Now Imran Khan Cancel His Long March?) – 25th July 2014
Inkaar (International World Sleeping on Palestine Issue) - 24th July 2014
Inkaar (Why Pakistan Backward in Every Field) – 18th July 2014
Inkaar (Is PTI Going to Demand Mid Term Elections) - 17th July 2014
Inkaar (Imran Khan Ke Long March Ka Jawab) – 11th July 2014
Inkaar (Pakistan Politics, Personal Attacks and Scandals) – 10th July 2014
Inkaar (Agar Ch. Nisar Razi Na Huwey To Kya Hoga?) – 4th July 2014
Inkaar (Imran Khan To Gather Opposition Parties Against Govt) - 3rd July 2014
Inkaar (Lahore Incident, PAT Protest in Whole Paksitan) – 18th June 2014
Inkaar (Najam Sethi Back, Zaka Ashraf Out) – 22nd May 2014
Inkaar (North Waziristan Mein Military Operation) – 21st May 2014
Inkaar (Election Commission Orders To Investigate Rigging) - 20th May 2014

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