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Kal Tak with Javed Chaudhry

Kal Tak (Siraj ul Haq Exclusive Interview with Javed Chaudhry) - 31st December 2014
Kal Tak (Has Current Judicial System Failed) – 30th December 2014
Kal Tak (War on Terrorism, Need to Change Ideologies) - 29th December 2014
Kal Tak (Military Courts Under Army Officers) - 25th December 2014
Kal Tak (Altaf Hussain Invites Army to Impose Martial Law) - 24th December 2014
Kal Tak (Action Committee Kya Kare Gi, Koi Nateja Nikle Ga) - 23rd December 2014
Kal Tak (Two Types of War in Pakistan, Physical and Ideological) - 22nd December 2014
Kal Tak (Nation Cannot Afford Any Differences Now) - 18th December 2014
Kal Tak (APC and Imran Khan's Decision to End Sit-in) - 17th December 2014
Kal Tak (Who is Responsible For The Deaths of Children) – 16th December 2014
Kal Tak (Pakistan Band Karne Se Kya Fayda Hoga?) – 15th December 2014
Kal Tak (Karachi Mein PTI Ka Plan C Implement Hoga) – 11th December 2014
Kal Tak (Finally PMLN Offer Unconditional Dialogues) – 10th December 2014
Kal Tak (Khawaja Asif Exclusive Talk With Javed Chaudhry) – 9th December 2014
Kal Tak (Faisalabad Din Bhar Maidan e Jang Ban Raha) – 8th December 2014
Kal Tak (Govt Decides to Start Dialogues with PTI) – 4th December 2014
Kal Tak (Kya Tehreek e Insaf Mulk Band Kare Gi?) – 3rd December 2014
Kal Tak (Will Govt Start Dialogues with PTI Again?) – 2nd December 2014
Kal Tak (Have Imran Khan's Plan A & B Failed?) – 1st December 2014
Express News (30th November Special Transmission) 9PM to 10PM - 30th November 2014
Kal Tak (Khawaja Saad Rafique Exclusive Interview) – 27th November 2014
Kal Tak (Quetta Mein Polio Workers Qatal, 30 November Plan) – 26th November 2014
Kal Tak (Is There Existence of Moral Values in Politics?) – 25th November 2014
Kal Tak (Khawaja Asif Exclusive Interview With Javed Chaudhry) – 24th November 2014
Kal Tak (PTI Jalsa in Larkana, Is PPP Losing Sindh) – 20th November 2014
Kal Tak (Jaloo, Ghairao Aur Mar Jao Ki Siasat?) – 19th November 2014
Kal Tak (What Will Happen on 30th November in Islamabad) – 18th November 2014
Kal Tak (Imran Khan's Allegations on IB and Journalists) - 17th November 2014
Kal Tak (Ishaq Dar Exclusive Interview with Javed Chaudhry) – 13th November 2014
Kal Tak (Arrests Warrants Issued For Imran Khan & Tahir ul Qadri) – 11th November 2014
Kal Tak (Imran Khan's Demand to Involve ISI & MI into Politics) – 11th November 2014
Kal Tak (Special Talk with Shah Mehmood Qureshi) - 10th November 2014
Kal Tak (Prime Ministers Meeting on Ministers Performance) - 6th November 2014
Kal Tak (Kya Hakumat Darust Simat Ja Rahi Hai?) – 5th November 2014
Kal Tak (Hazrat Imam Hussain (R.A) Ki Shahadat) – 4th November 2014
Kal Tak (Those Who Spread Religious Hatred Are Free in Pakistan) – 3rd November 2014
Kal Tak (Speaker Ayaz Sadiq Special Interview With Javed Chaudhry) – 30th October 2014
Kal Tak (Allegations of Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Govt) – 29th October 2014
Kal Tak (Political Clash, Who Will Resolve the Issues?) – 28th October 2014
Kal Tak (PPP & MQM Clash, How to Resolve it) – 27th October 2014

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Fawad Chaudhry meets his wife Hiba Fawad in court

Fawad Chaudhry meets his wife Hiba Fawad in court

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