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Khabar Hai (PSL Aur Match Fixing Ke Baadal) - 20th February 2020
Khabar Hai (What Is Going to Happen in March?) - 19th February 2020
Khabar Hai (Maryam Nawaz's Silence & Speculations of Deal) - 18th February 2020
Khabar Hai (Death of Journalist, Who Is Responsible?) - 17th February 2020
Khabar Hai (Nawaz Sharif Refused To Go To Hospital) - 13th February 2020
Khabar Hai (Point Scoring of Politicians in Assembly) - 12th February 2020
Khabar Hai (Inside Story of Nawaz Sharif & Shehbaz Sharif Meeting) - 11th February 2020
Khabar Hai (Govt Active To Reduce Inflation) - 10th February 2020
Khabar Hai (Hamza Shehbaz Bail, Nawaz Sharif's Health) - 6th February 2020
Khabar Hai (Kashmir Issue, World Silent) - 5th February 2020
Khabar Hai (Imran Khan Ko Malaysia Kyun Jana Para?) - 4th February 2020
Khabar Hai (Shehbaz Akbar's More Allegations on Sharif Family) - 30th January 2020
Khabar Hai (What Is The Reason of Financial Crisis?) - 29th January 2020
Khabar Hai| (Important Arrests Expected in Future) - 28th January 2020
Khabar Hai (Dismissal of KP Ministers, Message For Punjab & Sindh) - 27th January 2020
Khabar Hai (Aik Ke Baad Aik Bohran, Zimmedar Kaun?) - 23rd January 2020
Khabar Hai (Forward Block in Punjab, Minus Two in PMLN) - 22nd January 2020
Khabar Hai (Fawad Hassan Fawad Ki Zamanat Manzoor) - 21st January 2020
Khabar Hai (PTI Govt Helpless In Front of Mafias) - 20th January 2020
Khabar Hai (Kashif Abbasi Ke Show Mein Boot Kaise Aaya?) - 15th January 2020
Khabar Hai (Hakumat Ke Liye Khatre Ki Ghanti) - 14th January 2020
Khabar Hai (Are Allies Unhappy With Govt) - 13th January 2020
Khabar Hai (When Govt Will Give Relief to Public) - 9th January 2020
Khabar Hai (Army Act Amendment Approved) - 8th January 2020
Khabar Hai (Army Act Amendment Approved) - 7th January 2020
Khabar Hai (Fight B/W Fawad Chaudhry & Mubashir Luqman on Hareem Shah) - 6th January 2020
Khabar Hai (Which Party Is Supporting Army Chief Amendment Act) - 2nd January 2020
Khabar Hai (Inside Story of Federal Cabinet Meeting) - 1st January 2020
Khabar Hai (Can Opposition Break Govt Alliance) - 31st December 2019
Khabar Hai (Is NAB Ordinance NRO Plus?) - 30th December 2019
Khabar Hai (Detailed Judgement of Rana Sanaullah's Case) - 26th December 2019
Khabar Hai (Shehryar Afridi Ki Press Conference) - 25th December 2019
Khabar Hai (Rana Sanaullah Released, Other Issues) - 24th December 2019
Khabar Hai (Ahsan Iqbal's Arrest, Maryam Nawaz ECL) - 23rd December 2019
Khabar Hai (DG ISPR Press Conference) - 19th December 2019
Khabar Hai (What Will Be Govt Policy Regarding Musharraf Case) - 18th December 2019
Khabar Hai (Pak Army's Strong Reaction on Verdict Against Musharraf) - 17th December 2019
Khabar Hai (Army Chief Extension Detailed Verdict) - 16th December 2019
Khabar Hai (Punjab Police Ko Hifazat Ki Zarorat) - 12th December 2019
Khabar Hai (Lawyers Attack on Hospital in Lahore) - 11th December 2019

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