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Khara Sach - 6th August 2013 (The Suffering Of Elderly People's in Pakistan!)
Kharra Sach - 1st August 2013 (Phsycological Issues Of Our Society And Their Remedy)
Kharra Sach - 31st July 2013 (What Benefit Did Public Got From Free Judiciary Movement ?)
Khara Sach - 30th July 2013 (PIA Ke Baad Qaumi Assembly Aur Suprem Court Ki Nijakari Kab?)
Kharra Sach - 29th July 2013 (Sheikh Rasheed Ki Khari Khari Baatain)
Kharra Sach - 25th July 2013 (16th Ramzan,Fateh Makkah Ka Din)
Zaid Hamid and Tahir Ashrafi Special Debate in Kharra Sach – 24th July 2013
Kharra Sach - 23rd July 2013 (MQM Threats To Journalists - Jasmeen Manzoor Left the Journalism)
Kharra Sach - 22nd July 2013 (This Is Pakistan)
Kharra Sach – 18th July 2013 (We Protest Against Indian Brutality, Hafiz Muhammad Seed)
Kharra Sach - 17th July 2013 (Real Face Of Indian Media & Indian Army Exposed)
Kharra Sach – 16th July 2013 (Baghal Mein Churi Aur Mun Mein Raam Raam...!! )
Kharra Sach - 15th July 2013 (Mumbai Attacks - India is Itself a Terrorist - Shame For Those Pakistani Journalists Who Support India)
Kharra Sach - 11th July 2013 (Imran Farooq Murder Case)
Kharra Sach (What Islam Says About Black Magic) - 10th July 2013
Kharra Sach – 9th July 2013 (Special Interview Of Tabla Nawaz Tari Khan)
Kharra Sach - 8th July 2013 (Kya Media Azad Aur Be Khauf Hai?)
Kharra Sach - 4th July 2013 (Does Islam Allows To Beat A Women?)
Kharra Sach - 3rd July 2013 (Lahore Ke Khoye Huye Rang O Raag)
Kharra Sach – 2nd July 2013 ( Corruption Hi Corruption !! )
Kharra Sach - 1st July 2013 (Agli Laashon Ka Nazrana Kab?)
Kharra Sach - 30th June 2013 (MQM's Way of Politics)
Kharra Sach - 27th June 2013 (Musharraf & Scotland Yard,Ground Realities)
Kharra Sach - 26th June 2013 (Khaye Jao Aish Kiye Jao)
Kharra Sach – 25th June 2013 (Paise Ke Liye Kiya Kuch Karega !!)
Kharra Sach Repeat -24th June 2013 (Analyze About The Defense Budget Of Pakistan)
Kharra Sach - 20th June 2013 (Islam Main Aurton Ke Virasti Huqooq)
Kharra Sach - 19th June 2013 (Defence Budget And Ground Realities)
Kharra Sach – 18th June 2013 (Analyze About The Defence Budget Of Pakistan)
Kharra Sach - 13th June 2013 (Budget 2013-14)
Kharra Sach – 12th June 2013 (PML N Budget & its Priorities Exposed by Mubashir Lucman)
Kharra Sach - 10th June 2013 (War Or Dialogues With Pakistani Taliban)
Kharra Sach  - 5th June 2013 (Reward Of 17 Years Sacrifice of Fauzia Kasuri)

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