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Q K Jamhuriat Hai (Comedy Show) - 15th May 2022
Live with Nasrullah Malik (Pakistan's Economy) - 15th May 2022
Khabarhar with Aftab Iqbal (Episode 74) - 15th May 2022
Newsline with Maria Zulfiqar (Imran Khan's Life in Danger?) - 15th May 2022
92 At 8 (Economic Crisis | Inflation | Political Jalsas) - 15th May 2022
Cross Talk (Imran Khan Ke Qatal Ki Sazish?) - 15th May 2022
Doosra Rukh (Coalition Government Under Pressure? | Trade With India To Be Restarted?) - 15th May 2022
Sawal Awam Ka (London Meeting | PTI Jalsa) - 14th May 2022
Q K Jamhuriat Hai (Comedy Show) - 14th May 2022
Live With Nasrullah Malik (Imran Khan a challenge for state?) - 14th May 2022
Khabarhar with Aftab Iqbal (Episode 73) - 14th May 2022
92 At 8 (PTI Jalsa in Sialkot | London Meeting) - 14th May 2022
Khabar Se Khabar (PTI's Country-Wide Protest Over Sialkot Incident) - 14th May 2022
Jamhoor With Fareed Raees (PTI Sialkot Jalsa) - 14th May 2022
Newsline With Dr Maria Zulfiqar Khan (Imran Khan's Speech) - 14th May 2022
Cross Talk (PTI Clash with Police in Sialkot | Imran Khan's Long March) - 14th May 2022
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar (Sialkot Kasheedagi) - 14th May 2022
7 Se 8 Sana Hashmi Kay Sath (Terrorism in Karachi University) - 14th May 2022
Pakistan Tonight (PTI Jalsa in Sialkot) - 14th May 2021
Express Experts (Sialkot Jalsa: Govt vs PTI Clash) - 14th May 2022
DoosraRukh (PMLN's London Plan | Can Shehbaz Sharif Convince His Allies?) - 14th May 2022
The Last Hour (London Meeting  | Imran Khan's Demands) - 13th May 2022
Cross Talk (Imran Khan | Inflation | Economy | Dollar) - 13th May 2022
NewsWise (Winds Of Change As Imran Khan Changes Narrative) - 13th May 2022
7 Se 8 Sana Hashmi Kay Sath (Worst Load Shedding in Karachi) - 13th May 2022
Express Experts (PTI Dissident Members Case in ECP) - 13th May 2022
Pakistan Tonight (Demand of Early Elections) - 13th May 2022
Hum Meher Bokhari Kay Sath (DG ISPR Statement) - 12th May 2022
Bolo Talat Hussain kay sath (London Plan..?) - 12th May 2022
Khabarhar with Aftab Iqbal (Episode 71) - 12th May 2022
NewsEye (Bilawal Asks For Commission On Treason Investigation) - 12th May 2022
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar (Economic Crisis) - 12th May 2022
NewsWise (Dissent In The PML-N Over Election | President Writes Letter To Chief Justice) - 12th May 2022
Express Experts (PMLN Leaders Meeting in London) - 12th May 2022
Benaqaab (Pakistan Needs $10-12bn Inflows Urgently) - 12th May 2022
Live With Adil Shahzeb (PML-N Hints At Early Elections) - 11th May 2022
Bolo talat Hussain kay sath (Army Chief's Appointment) - 11th May 2022
Clash (PMLN Leaders Important Meeting in London) - 11th May 2022
NewsEye (Did Imran Khan Want To Appoint His Own Army Chief?) - 11th May 2022
Sawal To Hoga (Khawaja Asif's Statement About Election) - 11th May 2022

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