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The Last Hour (PMLN's Plan Out) - 7th December 2021
Clash With Ayesha Yousaf (PDM ka mehngai ka march) - 7th December 2021
Live with Adil Shahzeb (Fake encounter takes another life | PDM march) - 7th December 2021
Spot Light (Govt's strategy to tackle extremism) - 7th December 2021
Newswise (Rana Shamim Vs Saqib Nisar in court) - 7th December 2021
Dastak (Rana Shamim's case | PDM's long march) - 7th December 2021
Benaqaab (Black money in real state business) - 7th December 2021
News Eye (Are our religious leaders doing enough to curb intolerance in society?) - 7th December 2021
Express Experts (Biggest decision ever of PM Imran Khan) - 7th December 2021
The Last Hour (NA-133 by-election result) - 6th December 2021
Clash With Ayesha Yousaf (PDM ka march ka elan) - 6th December 2021
Hum Meher Bokhari Kay Sath (Sialkot Incident) - 6th December 2021
Live with Adil Shahzeb (Pakistan bows its head in shame over sialkot) - 6th December 2021
News wise (PDM backed off from Its original demands?) - 6th December 2021
7 Se 8 (Sialkot incident, who is responsible?) - 6th December 2021
News Eye (Is there any rule of law in Pakistan? | PML-N's Win in NA-133 ) - 6th December 2021
Express Experts (Sialkot tragedy hanged our heads in shame) - 6th December 2021
Benaqaab (Illegal sim registration: NADRA employees, six others arrested) - 6th December 2021
Ibtida with Sabookh Syed (Sialkot incident, reasons of extremism in Pakistan) - 6th December 2021
GNN Kay Sang (Guest: Imtiaz Rafi Butt) - 5th December 2021
G Sarkar with Nauman Ijaz (Episode 88 | Mustafa Kamal) - 5th December 2021
Rubaroo With Shaukat Paracha (Siasi manzarnama tabdeeli?) - 5th December 2021
Live with Nasrullah Malik (Kia PPP Punjab mein zinda ho gai?) - 5th December 2021
Khabar Se Khabar (PTI's lack of local govt elections? | PPP govt under siege In sindh) - 5th December 2021
92 At 8 (Sialkot incident: Who is responsible?) - 5th December 2021
Infocus (Why did PTI stop its voters in NA-133? | PDM options) - 5th December 2021
D Chowk (Sialkot incident: What is the solution?) - 5th December 2021
Jamhoor With Fareed Raees (NA-133 by-election) - 5th December 2021
Mailbox with Aftab Iqbal (Episode 113) - 5th December 2021
7 se 8 Sana Hashmi Kay Sath (Exclusive Talk With Faisal Raza Abidi) - 5th December 2021
Cross Talk (NA-133 by-election | PDM Long march) - 5th December 2021
Zuban-E-Khalq (Record hike in inflation during PTI govt tenure) - 5th December 2021
Pakistan Tonight (NA-133 by-election | PDM's plan) - 5th December 2021
Doosra Rukh (Teachers protest at D-chowk | Pak embassies in need of urgent funds) - 5th December 2021
Live with Nasrullah (Maulana Tariq Jameel exclusive on Sialkot incident) - 4th December 2021
Khabar Se Khabar (Where is the state? | A dark day for the Nation) - 4th December 2021
Newsline with Maria Zulfiqar (Extremism on rise in Pakistan) - 4th December 2021
Cross Talk (New local bodies system in sindh) - 4th December 2021
Goonj (Sialkot incident: Who is responsible?) - 4th December 2021
92 At 8 (IMF conditions | Electronic voting) - 4th December 2021

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Story of Saudi woman Rana Ahmad who has left Islam

Story of Saudi woman Rana Ahmad who has left Islam

Views: 2390 | December 01, 2021