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Mujahid Live (Projects of 45 Billion Rs By China) – 21st April 2015
Situation Room (Pak China Friendship Zindabad) – 21st April 2015
Public Opinion (Who Will Win NA-246 By-Election? ) – 21st April 2015
Himaqatain (Aftab Iqbal Comedy Show) On 92 News – 20th April 2015
Khawaja On Demand (Comedy Show) On Roze Tv – 20th April 2015
Mera Sawal Part-1 (Nabeel Gabol Exclusive Interview) – 20th April 2015
Aaj News (Special Transmission On NA-246 Election) – 20th April 2015
Nasim Zehra @ 9:30 (Zulfiqar Mirza Exclusive Interview) – 20th April 2015
Akhir Kyun (Crime Show) On Jaag Tv – 20th April 2015
Awaz (PTI Jalsa in Karachi & NA-246 By-Election) – 20th April 2015
Khabar Roze Ki (How to Rightly Use Social Media?) – 20th April 2015
Islamabad Tonight With Rehman Azhar (Pak China Friendship) – 20th April 2015
Tonight With Fareeha (Shocking Revelations of Saulat Mirza's Wife) – 20th April 2015
News Point (Karachi Ke Faisle London Mein Nahi Honge - Siraj) – 20th April 2015
Islamabad Se (Pak China Economic Corridor) – 20th April 2015
Daleel (MQM Vs PTI Vs JI in Karachi, Who Will Win?) – 20th April 2015
Awaam (Can MQM Win Election Through Rigging?) – 20th April 2015
Sachi Baat (Chinese President Ka Daura e Pakistan) – 20th April 2015
Jaiza (Kya Hum China Se Kuch Seekhein Ge Bhi Ya Nahi?) – 20th April 2015
Situation Room (Chinese President Visit to Pakistan) – 20th April 2015
Bay Bak (China Ke Sadar Ka Daur-e-Pakistan) – 20th April 2015
Analysis With Asif (Our Expectations From China) – 20th April 2015
Khabar Say Khabar (Chinese Investment in Pakistan) – 20th April 2015
Awam Ke Samney (NA-246, Which Party Is Going to Win?) – 20th April 2015
Hum Sub (Chinese President Visit, India Worried) – 20th April 2015
Akhir Kab Tak (Jamat-e-Islami Stance Before Elections) – 20th April 2015
Benaqaab (State Bank Audit Report About National Bank Dhaka Scandal) – 20th April 2015
Mujahid Live (Chinese President Visit to Pakistan) – 20th April 2015
Goya with Arsalan Khalid (NA-246 By-Election & Chinese President Visit) – 19th April 2015
Andher Nagri on 92 News Hd – 19th April 2015
Roze Special (Will Govt Inform The Nation About Chinese Contracts?) – 19th April 2015
Giraft REPEAT (Crime Show) On Express News – 19th April 2015
Dusra Rukh (Chinese President Visit to Pakistan) – 19th April 2015
Jaag Tv (NA-246 Karachi Special Transmission) 8PM To 9PM – 19th April 2015
Spot Light (NA-246 By Election, Who Is Going to Win?) – 19th April 2015
Zer-e-Behas (NA-246: What Is the Opinion of Public?) – 19th April 2015
IMROZE‬ Imtiaz Alam Ke Sath (Karachi Ki Siasat) – 19th April 2015
Infocus (Tehreek-e-Insaf Aur MQM Ki Jang) – 19th April 2015
Aaj Ki Baat (NA-246, Siasi Gehma Gehmi Urooj Par) – 19th April 2015
Jaag Tv (NA-246 Karachi Special Transmission) – 19th April 2015

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Exclusive: CCTV footage of Shehbaz Gill's arrest

Exclusive: CCTV footage of Shehbaz Gill's arrest

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