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The Other Side (Aftab Ahmad Sherpao Exclusive Interview) – 16th May 2015
IMROZE‬ Imtiaz Alam Ke Sath (KPK Part Increased in Public Sector) – 16th May 2015
Game Beat (Sports Special) On Waqt News – 16th May 2015
Aap Ki Kahani (Story of Lyari's Youth) – 16th May 2015
Capital Special (Hate Speech Against Minorities) – 16th May 2015
Crime Scene (Crime Show) On Din News – 16th May 2015
Mein Hoon Kaun (Keep An Eye on House Servants) – 16th May 2015
Deen-e-Hayat (Waqia e Miraj e Nabi (PBUH)) – 16th May 2015
Situation Room on Din News – 16th May 2015
Hadd-e-Adab (Comedy Show) On 92 News – 15th May 2015
Kahani Ke Peeche on Aaj news – 15th May 2015
Ab Sub Dekhenge on Abb Tak – 15th May 2015
Kahani Jurm Ki On Rozetv – 15th May 2015
Khoji (Crime Show) On Samaa News – 15th May 2015
DOC24 (Special Documentary on Cholistan ) – 15th May 2015
Defence Mattars (Where is National Action Plan?) – 15th May 2015
Dusra Rukh (Modi Ko Us Ki Zuban Mein Jawab Dena Chahiye) – 15th May 2015
Nasim Zehra @ 9:30 (Who Is Behind Terrorism in Karachi?) – 15th May 2015
Situation Room (PTI Jalsa in Multan) – 15th May 2015
G For Gharida (Pressure on CM Sindh To Resign) – 15th May 2015
Debate With Nasir (One More Operation in Karachi?) – 15th May 2015
The Other Side (Karachi Soog Mein Doob Gya) – 15th May 2015
Zer-e-Behas (Tough Competition Between PTI & PMLN) – 15th May 2015
Infocus (PIA Fashion Show, Nothing Free) – 15th May 2015
Pur Azam (When Terrorism Will Be Eliminated From Pakistan) – 15th May 2015
IMROZE‬ Imtiaz Alam Ke Sath – 15th May 2015
Situation Room (Situation of Karachi) – 15th May 2015
Giraft (Killing Ice Creams in Just 15 Rs.) – 15th May 2015
Labb Azaad On Waqt News – 15th May 2015
Aaj Ki Baat (Sectarian Differences Betraying the Nation) – 15th May 2015
Zaraye Ke Mutabiq (Why No Action on National Action Plan) – 15th May 2015
Khabar Say Khabar (Target Killing Out of Control in Karachi) – 15th May 2015
Zanjeer-e-Adal (Discussion on Latest Issues) – 15th May 2015
Benaqaab (Sindh Govt Vs Punjab on Electricity Arrears) – 15th May 2015
Hisaab Kitaab (8 Billion Loss in Karachi with One Strike) – 15th May 2015
Hadd-e-Adab (Comedy Show) on 92 News – 14th May 2015
Kadi Se Hathkadi (Crime Show) on Express News – 14th May 2015
Benaqab on Roze Tv (Haqeeqat Bay Naqaab) – 14th May 2015
Islamabad Tonight With Rehman Azhar (Decision to Speed Up Karachi Operation) – 14th May 2015
News Plus On Capital Tv (Karachi Aman Ki Talash Mein) – 14th May 2015