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Muqabil on 92 News

Muqabil (Punjab Governance, Policies of New US Govt) - 30th January 2021
Muqabil (Senate Election, PDM, Other Issues) - 29th January 2021
Muqabil (PDM, No Confidence Motion, Other Issues) - 24th January 2021
Muqabil (PPP Aur PMLN Aamne Samne) - 23rd January 2021
Muqabil (Kia America Mein Trumpism Khatam Ho Gaya) - 22nd January 2021
Muqabil (PDM Changing Goals, Broadsheet) - 17th January 2021
Muqabil (PDM, Broadsheet, Foreign Funding Case) - 16th January 2021
Muqabil (Pakistan Aur Turkey Mein Muahida, Broadsheet) - 15th January 2021
Muqabil (Power Breakdown, Incompetence or Negligence?) - 10th January 2021
Muqabil (PM Imran Khan's Quetta Visit) - 9th January 2021
Muqabil (Who Is Doing Politics on Mach Incident) - 8th January 2021
Muqabil (PDM Vs Imran Khan's Govt, Balochistan Terrorism) - 3rd January 2021
Muqabil (PDM Will Not Resign, Police Killed Student) - 2nd January 2021
Muqabil (Differences in PDM, Fazlur Rehman Worried) - 1st January 2021
Muqabil (PDM Jalsa in Larkana) - 27th December 2020
Muqabil (India False Flag Operation, PDM) - 26th December 2020
Muqabil (28 Months of Imran Khan's Govt) - 20th December 2020
Muqabil (PDM, Senate Election, Israel Issue) - 19th December 2020
Muqabil (Senate Election, Other Issues) - 18th December 2020
Muqabil (Speeches in PDM Lahore Jalsa) - 13th December 2020
Muqabil (PDM Lahore Jalsa) - 12th December 2020
Muqabil (PDM Jalsa, Cabinet Reshuffle) - 11th December 2020
Muqabil (PDM Confused on Resignations) - 6th December 2020
Muqabil (PDM Excited For Lahore Jalsa) - 5th December 2020
Muqabil (CPEC, PDM Jalsa, Coronavirus) - 4th December 2020
Muqabil (Pakistan, Palestine And Israel) - 29th November 2020
Muqabil (Iran In Danger, Local Politics) - 28th November 2020
Muqabil (Will Pakistan Accept Israel?) - 27th November 2020
Muqabil (Nawaz Sharif's Mother Died, Other Issues) - 22nd November 2020
Muqabil (Khadim Rizvi Funeral, PDM, France) - 21st November 2020
Muqabil with Haroon ur Rasheed (PDM Rallies & Coronavirus) - 20th November 2020
Muqabil (What Are The Big Issues of Gilgit Baltistan) - 15th November 2020
Muqabil (Evidences of Indian Terrorism in Pakistan) - 14th November 2020
Muqabil (Indian Firing on Line of Control) - 13th November 2020
Muqabil (PDM's Narrative In Trouble) - 8th November 2020
Muqabil (PMLN's Narrative Not Acceptable) - 7th November 2020
Muqabil (Jahangir Tareen's Return, US Election) - 6th November 2020
Muqabil (Abdul Qadir Baloch Resigns) - 1st November 2020
Muqabil (Differences Emerged in PMLN) - 31st October 2020
Muqabil (Jashn e Eid Milad un Nabi) - 30th October 2020

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