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Muqabil (190 Million Pounds From UK Reached Pakistan) - 6th December 2019
Muqabil (How Many Candidates For CM-ship in Punjab) - 1st December 2019
Muqabil (Pakistan's Economy, Changes in Bureaucracy) - 30th November 2019
Muqabil (Afghan Peace Talks, Changes in Punjab) - 29th November 2019
Muqabil (Kia Tabdeeli Ka Aghaz Hone Wala Hai) - 24th November 2019
Muqabil (Why America Upset on CPEC, Other Issues) - 23rd November 2019
Muqabil (Imran Khan's Statement About Nawaz Sharif's Health) - 22nd November 2019
Muqabil (Pervez Elahi Revelations, Other Issues) - 17th November 2019
Muqabil (Kia Mulk Mein Bari Siasi Tabdeeli Aane Wali Hai?) - 16th November 2019
Muqabil (Why Maryam Nawaz Silent on Nawaz Sharif's Disease) - 15th November 2019
Muqabil (Nawaz Sharif Going Abroad, Azadi March) - 10th November 2019
Muqabil (Kartarpur Border Corridor, Babari Masjid) - 9th November 2019
Muqabil (Nawaz Sharif Going Abroad, Azadi March) - 8th November 2019
Muqabil (Ab Maulana Fazlur Rehman Kia Karein Ge?) - 3rd November 2019
Muqabil (Will Maulana Extend His Deadline?) - 2nd November 2019
Muqabil (Azadi March Ka Anjam Kia Hoga?) - 1st November 2019
Muqabil (Maulana Ka Azadi March Aur PMLN) - 31st October 2019
Muqabil (Fazlur Rehman's March About to Reach Islamabad) - 30th October 2019
Muqabil (Is Nawaz Sharif Going Abroad For Treatment?) - 29th October 2019
Muqabil (Azadi March Moving Towards Islamabad) - 28th October 2019
Muqabil (Nawaz Sharif's Health, Azadi March) - 24th October 2019
Muqabil (Fazlur Rehman Azadi March, Other Issues) - 23rd October 2019
Muqabil (Nawaz Sharif's Medical Report) - 22nd October 2019
Muqabil (Maulana Ka Azadi March, Other Issues) - 21st October 2019
Muqabil (PTI Govt Vs Fazlur Rehman's March) - 17th October 2019
Muqabil (Govt Ready For Talks with Maulana) - 16th October 2019
Muqbail (Is Govt Negotiating With Fazlur Rehman) - 15th October 2019
Muqabil (Azadi March, Grouping in PMLN) - 14th October 2019
Muqabil (Altaf Hussain Indicted in UK, Other Issues) - 10th October 2019
Muqabil (PM Imran Khan's China Visit) - 9th October 2019
Muqabil (Imran Khan's Statement in China) - 8th October 2019
Muqabil (Imran Khan's China Visit, Other Issues) - 7th October 2019
Muqabil (PMLN, PPP Will Not Join Maulana's March?) - 3rd October 2019
Muqabil (Why PMLN & PPP Reluctant on Joining Dharna) - 2nd October 2019
Muqabil (Why Changes in Federal Cabinet) - 1st October 2019
Muqabil (Imran Khan's US Visit & Speech, Other Issues) - 30th September 2019
Muqabil (Zardari Under Depression, Fazal ur Rehman Sit-In) - 26th September 2019
Muqabil (Imran Khan's US Visit, Maulana's March) - 25th September 2019
Muqabil (Pakistan Army's Befitting Reply to Indian Army Chief) - 24th September 2019
Muqabil (PM Imran Khan Meets Trump) - 23rd September 2019

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