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Muqabil (Final Game in Karachi, Reality of Chiniot Reservoirs & Other Issues) – 25th March 2015
Muqabil (Discussion on Four Main Stories) - 24th March 2015
Muqabil (23rd March, Pakistan Day Parade) – 23rd March 2015
Muqabil (Saulat Mirza's Bombshell on MQM, Funds to Ayaz Sadiq & Khawaja Saad) - 19th March 2015
Muqabil (Rangers Vs Altaf Hussain and Other Issues) - 18th March 2015
Muqabil (Case Against Altaf Hussain, Ayyan Ali Money Laundering) - 17th March 2015
Muqabil (Violence in Lahore & Ayan Ali Money Laundering Scam) - 16th March 2015
Muqabil (Nine Zero Operation, New Chairman Senate) - 12th March 2015
Muqabil (Rangers Operation At MQM Headquarter Nine Zero) - 11th March 2015
Muqabil (Chairman Senate: Kal Ke Dushman Aaj Ke Dost) - 10th March 2015
Muqabil (Next Chairman Senate,Ex CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry Privileges) - 9th March 2015
Muqabil (Senate Elections, Horse Trading & Other Issues) - 5th March 2015
Muqbail (Senate Elections, Privilege Motion Against Rauf Klasra) - 4th March 2015
Muqabil (Horse Trading, Pak India Relations & Other Issues) – 3rd March 2015
Muqabil (Senate Elections, Polio Issue, Indian Foreign Minister Visit) - 2nd March 2015
Muqabil (Rauf Klasra,  Kashif Abbasi & Khawar Ghumman) - 27th February 2015
Muqabil (Rauf Klasra and Amir Mateen on Current Issues) - 26th February 2015
Muqabil (Senate Elections, Corruption in NPF & Other Issues) - 25th February 2015
Muqabil (Malik Riaz Sends Legal Notice to Rauf Klasra & Muqabil) - 24th February 2015
Muqabil (Rauf Klasra And Amir Mateen on Latest Issues) - 23rd February 2015
Muqabil (Rauf Klasra, Arshad Sharif & Amir Mateen) - 20th February 2015
Muqabil (Rauf Klasra And Amir Mateen on Latest Issues) - 19th February 2015
Muqabil (Rauf Klasra & Amir Mateen on Terrorism Issue) - 18th February 2015
Muqabil (Rauf Klasra And Amir Mateen) Complete Program - 17th February 2015
Muqabil (PM Complains About Media & Other Issues) - 16th February 2015
Muqabil (Rauf Klasra, Arshad Sharif, Amir Mateen) - 13th February 2015
Muqabil (Rauf Klasra, Amir Mateen Complete Program) - 12th February 2015