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Naya Pakistan (How New Set-Up Will Deal with Economy?) - 9th March 2024
Naya Pakistan (Shahbaz Sharif Elected As PM | Asad Toor Arrest) - 3rd March 2024
Naya Pakistan (National Assembly Session, Speaker Election) - 1st March 2024
Naya Pakistan (Will SIC Get Reserved Seats?) - 25th February 2024
Naya Pakistan (PTI's Show-Cause Notice To Sher Afzal Marwat) - 24th February 2024
Naya Pakistan (First Woman CM, Beginning of A New Era in Punjab Politics) - 23rd February 2024
Naya Pakistan (Bilawal Rejected the Power Sharing Formula) - 18th February 2024
Naya Pakistan (Shocking Confession of Commissioner Rawalpindi) - 17th February 2024
Naya Pakistan (Imran Khan, Bushra Bibi Nikah Case Verdict) - 3rd February 2024
Naya Pakistan (PTI Entry into the Election Campaign) - 28th January 2024
Naya Pakistan (PMLN Presents Its Election Manifesto) - 27th January 2024
Naya Pakistan (Election 2024 | Israel Palestine Conflict) - 26th January 2024
Naya Pakistan (Azam Khan Changed His Statement in Cipher Case) - 21st January 2024
Naya Pakistan (Electoral Politics, IPP in Trouble | PTI Future) - 20th January 2024
Naya Pakistan (Exclusive Talk With Bilawal Bhutto Zardari) - 19th January 2024
Naya Pakistan (Will PTI Get Bat Symbol From Supreme Court?) - 13th January 2024
Naya Pakistan (PTI Bat Symbol, Supreme Court Big Hearing) - 12th January 2024
Naya Pakistan (ECP & Punjab Govt Reject PTI's Allegations) - 7th January 2024
Naya Pakistan (Election 2024 And Caretaker Govt Stance) - 6th January 2024
Naya Pakistan (Senate Adopts Resolution Calling to Postpone Elections) - 5th January 2024
Naya Pakistan (Pakistan's Basic Issues Not in The Manifestos of Pol. Parties) - 24th December 2023
Naya Pakistan (Intra-Party Election Annulled - PTI Bat Symbol Gone) - 23rd December 2023
Naya Pakistan (Cipher Case | PTI Bat Symbol) - 22nd December 2023
Naya Pakistan (Asif Zardari Want to Delay Elections?) - 17th December 2023
Naya Pakistan (Supreme Court's Clear Verdict About Elections) - 16th December 2023
Naya Pakistan (PML-N's Political Alliance | Pakistan Stock Exchange) - 10th December 2023
Naya Pakistan (Exclusive Interview With Pervez Khattak) - 9th December 2023
Naya Pakistan (Israel–Hamas War Updates | PTI Election Symbol) - 3rd December 2023
Naya Pakistan (Show-Cause Notice to Daniyal Aziz | New Chairman PTI) - 2nd December 2023
Naya Pakistan (Differences Between Asif Zardari And Bilawal?) - 26th November 2023
Naya Pakistan (Caretaker PM Anwar ul Haq Kakar Exclusive Interview) - 25th November 2023
Naya Pakistan (Differences Between Asif Zardari & Bilawal Bhutto) - 24th November 2023
Naya Pakistan (Adiala Jail, Important Meetings? | Election 2024) - 19th November 2023
Naya Pakistan (Reservations on Elections | Economy) - 18th November 2023
Naya Pakistan (Bilawal's Criticism Against PMLN | Imran Khan Case) - 17th November 2023
Naya Pakistan (Pakistan Out Of World Cup | Will Babar Azam Resign?) - 11th November 2023
Naya Pakistan (Bilawal Has Declared the PML-N as Kings Party?) - 10th November 2023
Naya Pakistan (Election 2024 | Electricity Prices | Siege of Gaza City) - 5th November 2023
Naya Pakistan (Politics in Pakistan Cricket | PPP Vs PMLN) - 28th October 2023
Naya Pakistan (Poor Performance of Pakistan Team) - 27th October 2023


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