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News Beat (Public Survey About Inflation & Govt Performance) - 7th February 2020
News Beat (Mafia Kaun, Hakumat Aur Opposition Ki Blame Game) - 2nd February 2020
News Beat (Discussion on Governance Issues) - 1st February 2020
News Beat (How Will Govt Deliver?) - 31st January 2020
News Beat (Three Ministers Fired From KP Cabinet) - 26th January 2020
News Beat (Public Survey About PTI Govt) - 25th January 2020
News Beat (Corruption Increased in New Pakistan) - 24th January 2020
News Beat (Criticism on Khalil ur Rehman Qamar) - 19th January 2020
News Beat (Accountability, First Priority of PM Imran Khan?) - 18th January 2020
News Beat (Mehngai Aur Berozgari Ke Masayl) - 17th January 2020
News Beat (MQM Decides To Quit Govt) - 12th January 2020
News Beat (Govt & Opposition Both Unhappy with NAB) - 11th January 2020
News Beat (Hakumat Aur Opposition Mein Mufahimat?) - 10th January 2020
News Beat (PTI Govt Performance) - 4th January 2020
News Beat (Army Chief Extension Issue) - 3rd January 2020
News Beat (Has Govt Corrected Its Economical Direction?) - 29th December 2019
News Beat (NAB Qanoon Mein Tabdeeli) - 28th December 2019
News Beat (How Bilawal Will Strengthen PPP?) - 27th December 2019
News Beat (Pakistan's Economy & Other Issues) - 22nd December 2019
News Beat (Strict Judgement Against Pervez Musharraf) - 20th December 2019
News Beat (PIC Incident & Punjab Govt Action) - 15th December 2019
News Beat (Lawyers Vs Govt, Role of Govt) - 14th December 2019
News Beat (Patients Death in Lawyers Attack on PIC) - 13th December 2019
News Beat (In House Tabdeeli Ki Baatein) - 8th December 2019
News Beat (Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad Exclusive Interview) - 7th December 2019
News Beat (Corruption Stories, Will Be Proved?) - 6th December 2019
News Beat (Andhi Goli Aur Namloom Qatil) - 1st December 2019
News Beat (Big Changes in Punjab) - 30th November 2019
News Beat (Important Decisions in PTI Core Committee Meeting) - 24th November 2019
News Beat (Foreign Funding Case, What Law Says?) - 23rd November 2019
News Beat (Imran Khan's Comments on Nawaz Sharif Health) - 22nd November 2019
News Beat (LHC Verdict About Nawaz Sharif) - 17th November 2019
News Beat (Pakistan's Economy, Other Issues) - 16th November 2019
News Beat (Nawaz Sharif Bahir Kaise Jayein Ge?) - 15th November 2019
News Beat (Protest of Blind Persons) - 10th November 2019
News Beat (Kartarpur Corridor, Babari Masjid) - 9th November 2019
News Beat (Nawaz Sharif Going Abroad) - 8th November 2019
News Beat (Maulana Ki Deadline Khatam) - 3rd November 2019
News Beat (Zartaj Gul Vs Uzma Bukhari) - 2nd November 2019
News Beat (Hakumat Ko 2 Din Ki Muhlit) - 1st November 2019

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