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News Eye with Meher Abbasi

News Eye (One Year of Govt, Could Not Pass Even A Bill) - 29th May 2014
News eye With Meher Abbasi (Muhsud Qabila Taliban Se Alag Hogia) – 28th May 2014
News eye (Nawaz Sharif Aur Modi ka Aman Par Ittefaq) - 27th May 2014
News Eye (Modia India ka 15th Wazir e Azam) - 26th May 2014
News Eye (Maafi Ke Bawajood Geo Ka License Cancel) – 22nd May 2014
News Eye (Imran Khan Exclusive Interview with Mehr Bukhari) - 21st May 2014
News Eye (Geo's License Suspended, PEMRA's Verdict) - 20th May 2014
News Eye (Media is Going Out of Control) - 19th May 2014
News Eye (What Will Be the Situation of Pak India Relations Now?) – 16th May 2014
News Eye (Fight Between Political Parties, No Care For Public) -15 May 2014
News Eye (Now Army Will Come Forward) - 14th May 2014
News Eye (Freedom of Media: Is There Any Limit?) - 13th May 2014
News Eye (Who is the Real Oppsoition: PPP or PTI?) - 12th May 2014
News Eye (11 May Special Transmission) 10PM to 11PM - 11th May 2014
News Eye (11 May Special Transmission) 9PM to 10PM - 11th May 2014
News Eye (11 May Special Transmission) 8PM to 9PM - 11th May 2014
News Eye (Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad Exclusive Interview) – 8th May 2014
News Eye (Nawaz Sharif is My Leader - Javed Hashmi Ki Baghawat) – 7th May 2014
News Eye (Jamat e Islami Ameer Siraj ul Haq Interview) - 6th May 2014
News Eye (Is Democracy Once Again in Danger?) - 5th May 2014
News Eye (Hidden Message in the Speech of Army Chief?) - 1st May 2014
News Eye (Yaum e Shuhda: We Salute To Our Brave Soldiers) - 30th April 2014
News Eye (Govt Failed to Overcome Load Shedding) - 29th April 2014
News Eye (Pervez Musharraf Responsibility is of Sindh Govt) – 28th April 2014
News Eye (Who is Media and Who is Mafia?) - 24th April 2014
News Eye (MQM Joins Sindh Govt, What About Peace Talks) – 23rd April 2014
News Eye (Is There Any Clash Between Govt and Army?) – 22nd April 2014
News Eye (Amir Mir Statement Against ISI, What is Reality) – 21st April 2014
News Eye (MQM Shows Its Trailer, Film To Release Later) - 17th April 2014
News Eye (Nawaz Zardari Meeting is Good For Democracy) - 16th April 2014
News Eye (When Govt Will Do Some Thing For Public) - 15th April 2014
News Eye (Are We Living in a Civilized Society?) - 14th April 2014
News Eye (Bomb Blasts and Musharraf Issue, Dialogues Delayed) – 10th April 2014
News Eye (Is Situation Going Out Of Control of Govt) - 9th April 2014
News Eye (What Protection Tahafuz e Pakistan Bill will Provide?) – 8th April 2014
News Eye (PPP ke Badalte Huwey Naarey, Jaag Punjabi Jaag) - 7th April 2014
News Eye (Musharraf Has To Go, Who Will See Off him?) - 3rd April 2014
News Eye (Why Don't Musharraf Apologize and Go Abroad) - 2nd April 2014
News Eye (Pakistan Vs West Indies Cricket Match) - 1st April 2014
News Eye (ECL Pervez Musharraf Ki Azadi Mein Rukawat) - 31st March 2014


Huge crowd in PTI workers convention at Karak (KPK)

Huge crowd in PTI workers convention at Karak (KPK)

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