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Newsroom (Govt is Not Serious to Resolve the Issues of Pakistan) - 24th November 2014
News Room (Pakistan's Foreign Policy in Current Situation) - 20th November 2014
News Room (8 Children Died in Sargodha Hospital) - 19th November 2014
Newsroom (Allegations of Imran Khan Against Journalists) - 18th November 2014
News Room (What is Imran Khan Going to Do on 30th November) - 17th November 2014
Newsroom (Siraj ul Haq Exclusive Interview) – 13th November 2014
News Room (Govt is Working on Alternate Judicial System) - 12th November 2014
Newsroom (Increasing Terrorism in Pakistan) – 11th November 2014
Newsroom (Slogans of Change But What for Public?) - 10th November 2014
News Room (Murder of Christian Couple in Kasur) - 6th November 2014
Newsroom (PTI and Jamat e Islami Once Again Come Close) – 5th November 2014
Newsroom (Governor Punjab Ch. M Sarwar Exclusive Interview) - 4th November 2014
Newsroom (Bomb Disposal Member Died While Defusing Bomb) – 30th October 2014
Newsroom (Can PTI Resignations Create new Crisis) - 29th October 2014
Newsroom (Neelofer Tsunami Can Cause Heavy Rains) - 28th October 2014
Newsroom (Kashmiris Observing Black Day Today in Whole World) - 27th October 2014
Newsroom (Indian Aggression Still Continue on LoC) – 23rd October 2014
Newsroom (Finally Dr. Tahir ul Qadri Ended His Dharna) – 22nd October 2014
Newsroom (2.5 Crore Children Are Out of Schools in Pakistan) – 21st October 2014
News Room (MQM Ne Peoples Party Se Raste Juda Kar Liye) - 20th October 2014
News Room (Clash on Line of Control and Boundary Wall) - 14th October 2014
Newsroom (Dr. Tahir ul Qadri Decides to Contest Elections) - 13th October 2014
Newsroom (Special Talk with Dr. Samar Mubarakmand About Energy Crises) – 8th October 2014
Newsroom (Geo News Eid Special) – 7th October 2014
Newsroom (Dharno Ke Baad Jalse Shuru Ho Gaye) – 2nd October 2014
Newsroom (Mulk Mein Siasi Buhran Aur Jalson Ka Mausam) - 30th September 2014
Newsroom (Bilawal Bhutto Apologizes PPP Workers) - 29th September 2014
News Room (MQM Protests on His Workers Arrest) - 25th September 2014
News Room (Diseases Spreading in Flood Affected Areas) - 24th September 2014
Newsroom (Both Should Give Face Saving To Each Other - Altaf Hussain) – 23rd September 2014
News Room (Efforts To Make Electoral Process Clean) - 22nd September 2014
News Room (Wave of Terrorism in Karachi, Not Ending) - 18th September 2014
Newsroom (Chinese President Reached India) - 17th September 2014
Newsroom (Protest Against VIP Culture in PIA Flight) – 16th September 2014
Newsroom (Special Transmission on Long Marches) – 20th August 2014
Newsroom (Imran Khan and Tahir ul Qadri To Red Zone) – 19th August 2014
Newsroom (PTI Decides to Resign From Assemblies) – 18th August 2014
Newsroom (Live Program From Lahore Zaman Park Lahore) – 13th August 2014
Newsroom (Nawaz Sharif Will Address the Nation Today) – 12th August 2014
Newsroom (14 August Freedom Day or Protest Day) – 11th August 2014

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