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Think Tank (Why Govt Is Unhappy with Media?) - 16th February 2020
Think Tank (Who Are Big Mafias?) - 15th February 2020
Think Tank (Will Fazlur Rehman Be Tried Under Article-6?) - 14th February 2020
Think Tank (How Will Govt Reduce Inflation?) - 9th February 2020
Think Tank (Opposition Kis Kashti Per Sawar) - 8th February 2020
Think Tank (Will Govt Let Maryam Nawaz Go?) - 7th February 2020
Think Tank (Many Challenges For Govt) - 2nd February 2020
Think Tank (Imran Khan Khud Ittehadiyon Se Kyun Nahi Milte?) - 1st February 2020
Think Tank (Imran Khan Mafia Ka Naam Kyun Nahi Lete?) - 31st January 2020
Think Tank (PTI Govt Internal Differences) - 25th January 2020
Think Tank (Governance Issues in Punjab) - 24th January 2020
Think Tank (When Will Sharif Brothers Come Back?) - 19th January 2020
Think Tank (MQM, PMLQ And Govt) - 18th January 2020
Think Tank (Punjab Govt Facing Criticism) - 17th January 2020
Think Tank (Differences Between MQM & Govt) - 12th January 2020
Think Tank (PMLN, PPP Lost Credibility?) - 11th January 2020
Think Tank (Kia 2020 Mein Governance Issues Hal Honge?) - 10th January 2020
Think Tank (Army Act Amendment & Opposition) - 5th January 2020
Think Tank (Opposition Parties Consensus?) - 4th January 2020
Think Tank (Army Act Amendment & Opposition) - 3rd January 2020
Think Tank (Criticism on Amendment in NAB Ordinance) - 29th December 2019
Think Tank (Mulk Mein Corruption Aur Loot Maar Aam Kyun?) - 28th December 2019
Think Tank (PPP Politics, Imran Khan's Criticism on Media) - 27th December 2019
Think Tank (Controversial Citizenship Act in India) - 22nd December 2019
Think Tank (Kuala Lumpur Summit, Saudi Pressure on Pak) - 21st December 2019
Think Tank (Musharraf Case: Judiciary Vs Army) - 20th December 2019
Think Tank (Maryam Nawaz Silent, Other Issues) - 15th December 2019
Think Tank (Chief Justice Remarks on PIC Incident) - 14th December 2019
Think Tank (Violent Attitude of Lawyers) - 13th December 2019
Think Tank (PMLN Ka London Plan Kitna Kamyab) - 8th December 2019
Think Tank (Who Is Responsible For Corruption in Pakistan) - 7th December 2019
Think Tank (Maryam Nawaz Silence, Other Issues) - 6th December 2019
Think Tank (PTI Govt Performance) - 1st December 2019
Think Tank (Grouping in Bureaucracy) - 30th November 2019
Think Tank (Army Chief Extension Issue in Parliament) - 29th November 2019
Think Tank (PTI Core Committee Meeting, Other Issues) - 24th November 2019
Think Tank (Opposition Aur Hakumat Mein Mahaz Arai) - 23rd November 2019
Think Tank (Rumours About Govt) - 22nd November 2019
Think Tank (Will PMLN Divided Into Two Groups) - 17th November 2019
Think Tank (LHC Verdict In Favour of Nawaz Sharif) - 16th November 2019

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