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10PM With Nadia Mirza (Senate Elections Ke Baad) - 17th March 2018
To The Point (Public Views on
Sawal Yeh Hai (Will Pervez Musharraf Be Arrested) - 17th March 2018
Sab Se Pehle Pakistan With President Pervez Musharraf - 17th March 2018
G For Gharida (Discussion on Different Issues) – 17th March 2018
Night Edition (Pervez Musharraf Ka Ehtasab) – 17th March 2018
Do Raaye (Pervez Musharraf Ki Wapsi) – 17th March 2018
Khabar Roz Ki with Waheed Hussain (India America Relations) – 17th March 2018
Bay Laag (Donald Trump Ki Policies) – 17th March 2018
Naya Pakistan with Talat Hussain (Dual Nationality) – 17th March 2018
Nasim Zehra @ 8 (Discussion on Current Issues) - 17th March 2018
Agenda 360 (Civil Military Relations) - 17th March 2018
Center Stage With Azhar Rehamn (PMLN Under Shahbaz Sharif) – 17th March 2018
@ Q Ahmed Qureshi (Will Pervez Musharraf Face Courts) - 17th March 2018
Aitraaz Hai (Shahbaz Sharif Mufahimat Ke Raaste Per) - 17th March 2018
Cross Check With OT (Pashtun Long March) – 17th March 2018
Current Affairs (Pak India Relations) – 17th March 2018
Dusra Rukh (Election Se Pehle Ehtasab Ke Naare) – 17th March 2018
Rubaru (Who Will Be Opposition Leader in Senate) – 17th March 2018
Capital Live With Aniqa (General Election 2018) – 17th March 2018
Neo Special (Kia Chief Justice Ke Hukam Ki Tameel Mumkin Hai) - 17th March 2018
Lekin (Nawaz Sharif Ki Baghawat) - 17th March 2018
Raey Apni Apni (Discussion on Current Issues) – 17th March 2018
Sawal Se Agay (Independent Members of Balochistan) – 17th March 2018
Tareekh-e-Pakistan Ahmed Raza Kasuri Ke Sath – 17th March 2018
Live With Dr Shahid Masood (Qanoon e Qudrat Bhi Hai) – 16th March 2018
Breaking Views with Malick (Will Nawaz Sharif Go To London) – 16th March 2018
Har Lamha Purjosh (PSL Season Three) - 16th March 2018
News Room (Nawaz Sharif Ki Adlia Per Tanqeed) – 16th March 2018
Khabardar with Aftab Iqbal (Comedy Show) – 16th March 2018
DNA (Govt Busy in Saving Sharif Family) - 16th March 2018
Seedhi Baat (Ch. Nisar Ki Policy Kia Hogi?) - 16th March 2018
Khabarnaak (Comedy Show) - 16th March 2018
Zara Hut Kay (Caller's Day) – 16th March 2018
Zanjeer-e-Adal on Capital Tv (New Chairman Senate) – 16th March 2018
Live With Nasrullah Malik (Discussion on Current Issues) – 16th March 2018
Aaj Exclusive (Will Pervez Musharraf Face Courts?) – 16th March 2018
Takra On Waqt News (PMLN Ka Naya Naam Kia Hoga?) – 16th March 2018
To The Point (Zainab Qatal Case) – 16th March 2018
Tajzia Sami Ibrahim Kay Sath (Corruption Ke Khilaf Muhim) - 2nd March 2018


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