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Zara Hat Kay (Attack on Ayaz Amir, Dua Zehra's Age Issue) - 4th July 2022
Live with Dr. Shahid Masood (Imran Khan Vs Maryam Nawaz) - 4th July 2022
Muqabil (PTI Most Popular | Inflation | Economy | IMF) - 4th July 2022
Najam Sethi Show (Who Is Taping Imran Khan's Phone Calls?) - 4th June 2022
Breaking Point with Malick (Punjab By-Election) - 4th July 2022
Khabar Hai (Shireen Mazari raises questions on taping telephone calls) - 4th July 2022
Mad e Muqabil (Kia Imran Khan Ne America Se Maafi Maang Li?) - 4th July 2022
Power Play (FIR Registered Against Imran Khan) - 4th July 2022
Nadeem Malik Live (Bushra Bibi's Audio Scandal) - 4th July 2022
Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Kay Sath (Bushra Bibi's Leaked Video) - 4th July 2022
Capital Talk (Attack on Journalist Ayaz Amir | Storms of Scandal) - 4th July 2022
Benaqaab (Uzma Kardar Exposed Imran Khan's Corruption) - 4th July 2022
Harf e Raaz (Political Uncertainty in Pakistan) - 4th July 2022
Bolo Talat Hussain Kay Sath (Khawaja Asif Exclusive Interview) - 4th July 2022
Tonight With Fereeha (Shireen Mazari's Demand About Phone Tapping) - 4th July 2022
G For Gharida (Why PMLN Failed To Reduce Load Shedding?) - 4th July 2022
Clash With Ayesha Yousaf (Bushra Bibi's Leaked Audio) - 4th July 2022
NewsWise (Inflation Out of Control, What Is Government Doing?) - 4th July 2022
News Night With Aniqa Nisar (Audio And Video Leaks) - 4th July 2022
Hum Meher Bokhari Kay Sath (Leaked Audios / Videos in Politics) - 4th July 2022
NewsEye (Exclusive Talk With Shireen Mazari) - 4th July 2022
Faisla Aap Ka (Bushra Bibi's Leaked Audio | Punjab By-Election) - 4th July 2022
Kal Tak (PTI's Demand Over Phone Tapping | Punjab By-Election) - 4th July 2022
Report Card (Bushra Bibi's Alleged Leaked Audio) - 4th July 2022
To The Point (Inflation Out of Control | Bushra Leaks) - 4th July 2022
Ho Kya Raha Hai (Punjab By-Election | PTI Vs PMLN) - 4th July 2022
Nasim Zehra @ 8 (Exclusive Talk with Miftah Ismail) - 4th July 2022
Off The Record (Journalists Being Harassed by Government) - 4th July 2022
The Reporters (Punjab By-Election | PTI Vs PMLN) - 4th July 2022
Express Experts (Bushra Bibi Leaked Audio) - 4th July 2022
Seedhi Baat (Bushra Bibi Audio Leak | PTI Vs PMLN) - 4th July 2022
Naya Pakistan (Imran Khan's appeal to the Neutrals) - 3rd July 2022
Jirga with Saleem Safi (Hina Rabbani Khar's Exclusive Interview) - 3rd July 2022
Live with Dr. Shahid Masood (Towards Final Battle) - 3rd July 2022
Sawal Yeh Hai (Tosha Khana Reference Ready Against Imran Khan) - 3rd July 2022
The Last Hour (Bushra Bibi Audio Leak Scandal?) - 3rd July 2022
View Point (PMLN Allegations Against Imran Khan, Bushra Bibi) - 3rd July 2022
Live With Nasrullah Malik (PTI Targeting Institutions) - 3rd July 2022
Khabar Se Khabar (Imran Khan's Demands From Institutions) - 3rd July 2022
Night Edition (Pakistan's Economy In Worst Condition) - 3th July 2022

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