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Khawaja On Demand On Roze Tv (Comedy Show) – 8th May 2016
Criminals Most Wanted (Crime Show) – 8th May 2014
Hazraat on Abb Tak (Naz Baloch) REPEAT – 8th May 2016
Jirga With Saleem Safi (Bus Driver's Son Became London's Mayor) - 8th May 2016
10 PM With Nadia Mirza (Iqrar Ka Sting Operation) – 8th May 2014
Sawal Yeh Hai (Panama Commission TORs Issue) – 8th May 2014
Insight with Saleem Bukhari (Pak India Ministers Meeting) – 8th May 2016
Investigator24 (Panama Leaks Ne Hakumat Ko Hila Diya) –8th May 2016
Debate With Nasir (What Is Happening in Our Society) – 8th May 2016
Live With Nasrullah Malik (Ehtisab Ke Naam Par Siasat) – 8th May 2016
Dusra Rukh (Mothers Day) – 8th May 2016
Express Special (Anti Corruption Operation) – 8th May 2016
Rubaru (Tariq Fatimi Exclusive Interview) – 8th May 2014
Undercover (Crime Show) – 8th May 2016
Bay Laag (Why Govt Helpless In Front of Non-State Elements?) – 8th May 2016
Khufia (Crime Show) On Abb Tak [REPEAT] – 8th May 2016
Express News 9PM Bulletin - 8th May 2016
Tonight with Moeed Pirzada (Panama Leaks & Other Issues) - 8th May 2016
Naya Pakistan (Panama Issue, What Is Going To Happen?) - 8th May 2016
Baybaak (Arrest of Secretary Finance Balochistan Over Corruption) – 8th May 2016
Nasim Zehra @ 8:00 (Panama Leaks, Hakumat Khauf Ka Shikar) – 8th May 2016
92 at 8 (Aitzaz Ahsan Exclusive Interview) – 8th May 2016
Ikhtalafi Note With Babar Awan (Happy Mother's Day) – 8th May 2014
Darling (Comedy Show) – 8th May 2016
@ Q Ahmed Quraishi (Azad Kashmir Elections) – 8th May 2016
Current Affairs (Kya Nawaz Sharif Apna Ehtisab Karein Ge) – 8th May 2016
The Other Side (Choron Ki Corruption) – 8th May 2016
Exposed (Govt Failed To Control Electricity Theft) – 8th May 2016
Aaj Exclusive (Afaq Ahmad Exclusive Interview) – 8th May 2014
News Night With Neelum Nawab (Hassan Nisar Exclusive) REPEAT – 8th May 2016
Aap Ki Kahani (Mothers of Special Children) – 8th May 2016
Friendly Opposition (Rabi Pirzada Ki Aik Aur Daring) – 8th May 2016
Humhare Mehman On ARY (Abrar-ul-Haq Exclusive) – 8th May 2014
Insight Pakistan With Ammara (Condition of Police) – 8th May 2016
Ajeeb Sa (Comedy Show) – 8th May 2016
Sona Chandi Ka Pakistan (Attock Special) – 8th May 2016
Woh kia hai (Horror Show) – 8th May 2016
Target (Crime Show) – 8th May 2014
Game Beat On Waqt News (Sports Show) – 8th May 2016
Goya With Arsalan Khalid (Corruption Across Pakistan) – 7th May 2016

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