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Special Transmission On News 92 (Debate On Budget) – 2nd June 2015
Rangey Hath (Aatish Bazi Ka Samaan Kahan Tayyar Hota Hai?) – 2nd June 2015
Khabar Say Khabar (Mastung Incident: A National Tragedy) – 2nd June 2015
Assignment (Journalism, How Much Difficult in Pakistan?) – 2nd June 2015
Khabar Se Agey (Pak India Relations And Modi's Attitude) – 2nd June 2015
Mujahid Live (Local Bodies Elections in KPK After 10 Years) – 2nd June 2015
Awam Ki Awaz (Negative Aspects of Joint Family System) – 2nd June 2015
Such Time (Siraj-ul-Haq Exclusive Interview) – 1st May 2015
Power Lunch (Pak China Rahdari Mansoba Nishane Par) – 2nd June 2015
Pakistan Online with PJ Mir (Latest Issues) – 2 June 2015
Crime Scene (Crime Show) on Din News – 2nd June 2015
Jurm Bolta Hai On ARY News - 2nd June 2015
BBC Urdu Sairbeen On Aaj News – 2nd June 2015
Live With Dr. Shahid Masood (Bilawal Zardari In, Zulfiqar Mirza Out) – 1st May 2015
Himaqatain Aftab Iqbal Comedy Show on 92 News – 1st June 2015
Syasi Theater (Talal Chaudhary And Sara Ahmed) – 1st June 2015
11th Hour (KPK Elections: Rigging or Mismanagement) – 1st June 2015
Jirga with Saleem Safi (General (R) Ehsan-ul-Haq Exclusive Interview) – 1st June 2015
Mazaaq Raat (Miftah Ismail (PMLN), Sara Ahmad (PTI)) – 1st June 2015
Court No 5 (Adalat Mein Zalalat Ki Kahani) – 1st June 2015
Weham (Horror Show) On Aaj News – 1st June 2015
Waqt News (Special Program on Budget 2015-2016) – 1st June 2015
Seedhi Baat (What PAT Did For Model Town Victims?) – 1st June 2015
Zara Hut Kay (Will Bilawal Be Able to Revive PPP?) – 1st June 2015
Mera Sawal (Aamil Baba Se Mera Sawal) – 1st June 2015
DNA (KPK Local Bodies Elections: Where Is New KPK?) – 1st June 2015
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Ke Saath (Bilawal Zardari Returned Back) – 1st June 2015
Ho Kya Raha Hai (What Is PTI Performance in KPK?) – 1st June 2015
News Eye (KPK Elections Mein Dhandli Ka Shoor) – 1st June 2015
Kal Tak (Kiya KPK Elections Mein PTI Ne Dhandli Ki?) – 1st June 2015
Sayasat Hai Ya Saazish (Rigging Complaints in KPK) – 1st June 2015
Apna Apna Gareban (Siraj-ul-Haq Exclusive Interview) – 1st June 2015
Awaz (I Will Resign If Allegations Proved - Ali Amin Gandapur) – 1st June 2015
Akhir Kyun (Crime Show) On Jaag Tv –1st June 2015
Islamabad Tonight With Rehman Azhar (Indian Involvement in Balochistan) – 1st June 2015
Khabar Se Khabar Tak (Rauf Klasra And Amir Mateen's First Program on ARY News) – 1st June 2015
10PM With Nadia Mirza (Imran Khan Denied to Take Responsibility of KP Elections) – 1st June 2015
Situation Room (Mismanagement in KP Elections: Who is Responsible?) – 1st June 2015
Siyasat Aur Riyasat (What Should Pakistan Do with India?) – 1st June 2015
News Plus (Doubtful Local Bodies Elections in KPK) – 1st June 2015

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