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Takrar (Important Meeting in London, What is Going on) – 30th May 2014
Meray Mutabiq with Iftikhar Ahmad - 30th May 2014
Aik Din Geo Ke Saath (One Day In Alnoor Special School) – 30th May 2014 ...
Sar e Aam (Our Team Soon will Be With You to Solve Your Issues) - 30th May 2014
Khabar Se Agey (Have We Lost Our Excellent Past of Games?) - 30th May 2014
Awam Ki Awaz (Nafas Aur Shaitan Se Insano Ki Jang Jari) - 30th May 2014
Yeh Kya Baat Hui (Only Mehsud Tribe Divided or All Taliban?) - 30th May 2014
Akhir Kiyon (Pak China Thoughts Differ on Kashmir Issue) - 30th May 2014
Pakistan at 7 (Killings on Love Marriages in Pakistan) - 30th May 2014
Seedhi Baat (Shameful PTI Workers Crossed All the Limits in Hafizabad) - 29th May 2014
Hasb e Haal on Dunya News – 29th May 2014
11th Hour (Taliban Mein Phoot Ke Muzakraat Par Asrat) – 29th May 2014
Best of Khabarnaak (Anoki Pehlwan Dummy) - 29th May 2014
Mumkin (Sheikh Rasheed Exclusive Interview) – 29th May 2014
Off The Record (Kya Hakumat Ke Khilaf Grand Alliance Banaya Jaraha Hai?) – 29th May 2014
Kal Tak (Free and Fair Elections, Who is Responsible) – 29th May 2014
Indepth With Nadia Mirza (New Allegations Against PTI) – 29th May 2014
Top Story (Kya Shaam Mein Americi Fauj Hogi) – 29th May 2014
Faisla Awam Ka (Increasing Number of Honor Killings in Pakistan) - 29th May 2014
News Hour (Grand Alliance Formation in London) – 29th May 2014
Maazrat Ke Saath (Nawaz Sharif Sahib, Please Slow Down) – 29th May 2014
Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Saath (Pervez Musharraf Name in ECL) – 29th May 2014
Kharra Sach (To the Name of Same Driver of Justice Jawad Khawaja) – 29th May 2014
Bay Laag (TTP Divided, Muzakraat Kis Se Hongey?) – 29th May 2014
Dunya News 9pm Bulletin – 29th May 2014
Express News 9pm Bulletin - 29th May 2014
Geo News 9PM Bulletin - 29th May 2014
Newsroom (Load Shedding Increased in Whole Pakistan) – 29th May 2014
Aaj with Reham Khan (After Afghanistan Now America Towards Syria and Africa) - 29th May 2014
8pm with Fareeha (What Are the Complaints of MQM with British Govt) - 29th May 2014
Tonight With Jasmeen (Karachi Operation, Shahid Hayat Removed) – 29th May 2014
Takrar (Is PTI Ignoring KPK, No Performance Still) – 29th May 2014
Nadeem Malik Live (Will This Budget Provide Some Relief to Public?) – 29th May 2014
On The Front (Special Program From Lyari Getting People's Views) – 29th May 2014
News Eye (One Year of Govt, Could Not Pass Even A Bill) - 29th May 2014
Live With Mujahid (Narendra Modi's Govt in India) – 29th May 2014
Live With Dr. Shahid Masood (Nawaz Sharif Ka Imran Khan Ko Mashwara) – 29th May 2014
Khabar Se Agey (Taliban Divided, Internal Fight Started) - 29th May 2014
Jurm Bolta Hai (Dulhe Ko Maar Diya Gaya, Mehndi Mein Matam) - 29th May 2014
Table Talk (80s and 90s Politics Rejected But What About Today's Politics) - 29th May 2014