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Awam (Sever Summer and Load Shedding, Public Crying) – 2nd May 2014
Hum Log (Who is Responsible For Serial Killing) – 2nd May 2014
Takrar (What is PTI Agenda Regarding 11th May Protest) – 2nd May 2014
Khabar Say Agay (Peace Talks and Imran Khan Allegations to Geo) - 2nd May 2014
Yeh Kya Baat Hui (Was It Osama Who Pointed Towards Syria First) – 2nd May 2014
Awam Ki Awaz (Zindagi Guzarne Ka Daras Dene Wali Kitab) – 2nd May 2014
Sar e Aam REPEAT (We All Need To Raise Voice For Our Rights) – 2nd May 2014
Pakistan at 7 (Why MQM is Being Targeted in Karachi) – 2nd May 2014
Face 2 Face (Dr. Tahir ul Qadri Exclusive Interview) – 1st May 2014
11th Hour (Survey Mein Bohat Acha, Magar Haqiqat?) – 1st May 2014
Best of Khabarnaak (John Kerry Dummy) – 1st May 2014
Hasb e Haal on Dunya News – 1st May 2014
Live With Dr. Shahid Masood (Army Chief Speech on Yaum e Shuhada) - 1st May 2014
Off The Record (Army Chief Says Media Should Be Responsible) – 1st May 2014
On The Front (Shaikh Rasheed Exclusive Interview) – 1st May 2014
Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Saath (MQM Protest Against Extra Judicial Killing) – 1st May 2014
Bay Laag (Whole Nation is Supporting Pak Army) – 1st May 2014
Indepth With Nadia Mirza (Imran Khan Allegations To Geo) – 1st May 2014
Kharra Sach REPEAT (Gana,Gajrela Aur Gujraal) – 1st May 2014
Kal Tak (Abid Sher Ali Vs Noor Alam on Load Shedding Issue) – 1st May 2014
Faisla Awam Ka (What Imran Khan and Tahir ul Qadri Want) - 1st May 2014
News Hour (MQM Could Not Get Any Thing Even After Joining Govt) - 1st May 2014
Top Story (Army Chief Speech Made Every Thing Clear) – 1st May 2014
Dunya News 9pm Bulletin - 1st May 2014
Express News 9pm Bulletin - 1st May 2014
Geo News 9pm Bulletin - 1st May 2014
Mumkin (MQM in Govt, Then Why It is Protesting) – 1st May 2014
Takrar (MQM Ke Sabar Ka Paimana Labraiz Ho Gya) - 1st May 2014
Capital Talk (Senator SM Zafar Exclusive Interview) - 1st May 2014
Tonight With Jasmeen (MQM Protesting on Extra Judicial Killing of Workers) - 1st May 2014
Aaj with Reham Khan (Army Chief Statement About Kashmir) - 1st May 2014
Bisaat (ISI Can Shut Down Geo News, It is Powerful) – 1st May 2014
8pm with Fareeha (Special Program on Labour Day) – 1st May 2014
News Eye (Hidden Message in the Speech of Army Chief?) - 1st May 2014
Table Talk (We Believe in the Superamacy of Constitution - Army Chief) - 1st May 2014
Nadeem Malik Live (PTI Chairman Imran Khan Exclusive Interview) - 1st May 2014
Nuqta e Nazar (Critical Situation of Pakistan) – 1st May 2014
Jurm Bolta Hai (Beautiful Girl Love with Wealth Not with Boy) – 1st May 2014
Akhir Kiyon (Army Chief Speech on Yaum e Shuhda) – 1st May 2014
Inkaar (Who is Responsible For Slow Peace Talks) – 1st May 2014

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