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News Eye (Formation of Judicial Commission) – 2nd April 2015
Khabar Roze Ki (NA-246 By-Election,  PTI & MQM Face to Face) – 2nd April 2015
10PM With Nadia Mirza (Judicial Commission to Probe Rigging) – 2nd April 2015
Siyasat Aur Riyasat (NA-246, Who is Going to Win?) – 2nd April 2015
Bay Laag (Should Pakistan Stand with Saudi Arabia?) – 2nd April 2015
Apna Apna Gareban (How Judicial Commission will Work?) – 2nd April 2015
Geo News 9pm Bulletin – 2nd April 2015
Islamabad Tonight With Rehman Azhar (Media Trial of MQM?) – 2nd April 2015
Nadeem Malik Live (Will Imran Khan Succeed in Karachi?) – 2nd April 2015
Capital Talk (What is the Legal Position of Judicial Commission?) – 2nd April 2015
On The Front (Will PTI Return Back to Assembly?) –2nd April 2015
Islamabad Se (Election in NA-246, Under Rangers Or Police?) – 2nd April 2015
G For Gharida (Governor Ishrat-ul-Ibad Exclusive Interview) – 2nd April 2015
Debate With Nasir Habib (Can Pakistan Play Any Role in Yemen?) – 2nd April 2015
Daleel (Pakistan & Muslim Ummah Should Play Role in Yemen) – 2nd April 2015
Bottom Line With Absar Alam (NA-246: MQM Under Pressure?) – 2nd April 2015
Q & A with PJ Mir (Chaudhry Shujaat Exclusive Interview) – 2nd April 2015
Jaiza (Why MQM Opposing Judicial Commission?) – 2nd April 2015
Off The Record (NA-246: Tough Competition Between PTI & MQM) – 2nd April 2015
Awaam (Is Judicial Commission Violation of Law?) – 2nd April 2015
8pm with Fareeha REPEAT (Kashmiris Want Freedom of Kashmir) – 2nd April 2015
BBC Urdu Sairbeen On Aaj News – 2nd April 2015
Analysis With Asif (Yemen Issue: A Challenge For Pakistan) – 2nd April 2015
Main Aur Maulana (Kya Yemen Ka Masla Hal Ho Sakta Hai?) – 2nd April 2015
Pakistan at 7 (Former Minister's Son Killed A Boy in Lahore) – 2nd April 2015
Mujahid Live (MQM Leadership in Trouble) – 2nd April 2015
Jurm Bolta Hai (Insan Kuch Planning Karta Hai, Lekin Hota Kuch Aur Hai) – 2nd April 2015
News Plus (MQM Ki Mushkilaat Mein Izafa) – 2nd April 2014
Bay Bak (Discussion on Current Issues) – 2nd April 2015
Nuqta e Nazar (Ex Minister's Son Killed 15 Years Boy in Lahore) – 2nd April 2015
Khabar Say Khabar (Judicial Commission For Rigging) – 2nd April 2015
Pas e Parda (Har Chamakti Cheez Sona Nahi Hoti) – 2nd April 2015
Qutb Online (Islami Taleemat Par Amal Karne Ki Zarorat) – 2nd March 2015
Pakistan Online with PJ Mir (Internal & External Issues of Pakistan) – 2nd April 2015
Power Lunch (Yemen Mein Mehsoor Pakistanio Ki Wapsi) - 2nd April 2015
Jaiza Juram ka (Qabrastan Par Ba Asar Afraad Ka Qabza) – 2nd April 2015
Kharra Sach (MQM Ki Shaamat Aai, Pehle Rangers,Ab Scotland Yard) – 1st April 2015
Andar Ki Baat (MQM In Trouble, Judicial Commission) – 1st April 2015
Mazaaq Raat (Arifa Khalid & Kamran Jillani) – 1st April 2015
Best of Himaqatain Aftab Iqbal Comedy Show – 1st April 2015

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Fawad Chaudhry meets his wife Hiba Fawad in court

Fawad Chaudhry meets his wife Hiba Fawad in court

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