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Faisla Awam Ka (Musharraf Treason Case: Is he Above the Law?) - 27th March 2014
Top Story (Pakistan Taliban Ceasefire Par Razi Hogaye) - 27th March 2014
Bay Laag (Public Problems Are Not Resolved in Parliament) - 27th March 2014
Indepth With Nadia Mirza (Taliban Meeting Over, Now What Next?) - 27th March 2014
Dunya News 9pm Bulletin – 27th March 2014
Express News 9pm Bulletin – 27th March 2014
Geo News 9pm Bulletin – 27th March 2014
Capital Talk (Is Ex Army Chief More Powerful Than State?) - 27th March 2014
Mumkin (Taliban Demands Received, Can Govt Accept?) - 27th March 2014
Takrar (Shaikh Rasheed Ahmad Exclusive Interview) – 27th March 2014
Tonight With Jasmeen (Faisal Raza Abidi Exclusive Interview) - 27th March 2014
Aaj with Reham Khan (Afghan Interior Minister Allegations on TTP) - 27th March 2014
News Eye (Pervez Musharraf's Arrest Warrant Issued) - 27th March 2014
Nadeem Malik Live (Imran Khan Exclusive Interview with Nadeem Malik) - 27th March 2014
Live With Dr. Shahid Masood (Pervez Musharraf Treason Case and Taliban Dialogue Issue) - 27th March 2014
Off The Record (Is it Possible to Arrest Pervez Musharraf?) - 27th March 2014
8pm with Fareeha (Was Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad?) - 27th March 2014
On The Front (Om Puri Exclusive Interview) – 27th March 2014
Prime Time With Rana Mubashir (Pervez Musharraf Treason Case) - 27th March 2014
Nuqta e Nazar (Musharraf Ne Special Court Order Ko Challenge Kar Diya) - 27th March 2014
Ab Tak (Musharraf Willing to Go Abroad At Any Cost) - 27th March 2014
Pakistan at 7 (Musharraf Case: Law Should Be Same For All) - 27th March 2014
Jurm Bolta Hai (Breaks of Train Failed to Do Smuggling) - 27th March 2014
Inkaar (Pervez Musharraf Using Tactics to Avoid Courts) – 27th March 2014
Table Talk (Treason Case: Musharraf Arrest Warrant Still There) - 27th March 2014
Khabar Se Agey (Syria, Is it Target of Alqaida or America) - 27th March 2014
Akhir Kiyon (Musharraf Lawyers Allegations on Judges) - 27th March 2014
Qutb Online (Maan Baap Ki Zimmedari, Bachon Ki Tarbiyat) - 27th March 2014
Banana News Network – 26th March 2014
Mazaaq Raat (Jamshaid Dasti As Guest) – 26th March 2014
T20 Balle Balle (T20 World Cup Special) - 26th March 2014
Wardaat Crime Show - 26th March 2014
Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Saath (Bill Against Under Age Marriages in Parliament) – 26th March 2014
Kharra Sach (Injections of Govt to Pakistan) – 26th March 2014
News Hour (Will Govt Release the Taliban Terrorists?) – 26th March 2014
Indepth With Nadia Mirza (Terrorism Causing Different Issues) – 26th March 2014
Bay Laag (Conference to Protect Atomic Assets From Terrorists) – 26th March 2014
Bolta Pakistan (Direct Dialogues Started, Both Agree on Continuing Talks) – 26th March 2014
Top Story (Direct Peace Talks with Taliban, First Day) – 26th March 2014
Kal Tak (Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah Interview) – 26th March 2014

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