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Syasi Theater (Comedy Show) – 15th April 2019
Aaj Ayesha Ehtesham Ke Saath (Imran Khan Unhappy With Asad Umar) – 15th April 2019
News Eye (Sharif Family's Money Laundering) – 15th April 2019
Aap Janab (Entertainment Show) – 15th April 2019
Harf e Raz with Orya Maqbol Jan (Judicial System) – 15th April 2019
Cross Check With OT (Govt & Opposition Both Criticizing NAB) – 15th April 2019
Tajzia Sami Ibrahim Kay Sath (IMF Package?) – 15th April 2019
News Wise (IMF Package Kab Done Hoga) – 15th April 2019
Spot Light (Quetta Mein Hazara Bradri Ka Dharna) – 15th April 2019
Sachi Baat (Pakistani Maeeshat Ki Soart e Haal) – 15th April 2019
Express Experts (News of Change in Cabinet) – 15th April 2019
Takrar (Mehngai Bomb, IMF Deal, Other Issues) - 15th April 2019
Tonight With Fareeha (Hakumat Afwahon Ki Zad Mein) - 15th April 2019
Nadeem Malik Live (Disappointing Economic Policies) - 15th April 2019
Faisla Aap Ka (PTI Govt Policies) – 15th April 2019
Capital Live (Pakistan Ki Muashi Haalat) – 15th April 2019
92 at 8 (IG Punjab Ki Tabdeeli) – 15th April 2019
Khabr Garm Hai (Questions on PTI's Economic Policies) – 15th April 2019
Seedhi Baat (Shahbaz Sharif Family in Trouble) – 15th April 2019
Mumkin (Awam Ko Relief Kab Mile Ga) – 15th April 2019
Ho Kya Raha Hai (Hamza Shahbaz Money Laundering) – 15th April 2019
News Center (News of Reshuffle in PTI Cabinet) – 15th April 2019
Replay (Cricket Show) – 15th April 2019
Benaqaab (Money Laundering Allegation on Shahbaz Sharif Family) – 15th April 2019
Breaking Point with Malick (Is Supreme Court Making Law?) - 14th April 2019
Face to Face with Ayesha Bakhsh (Will Looted Wealth Be Brought Back?) – 14th April 2019
Khabarzar With Aftab Iqbal (Comedy Show) – 14th April 2019
Night Edition (Parliament Should Support Chief Justice) – 14th April 2019
Kion Ke Jamhoriat Hai (Comedy Show) – 14th April 2019
Riyasat Aur Awam (Hamza Shahbaz Aggressive Tone) – 14th April 2019
Khabardar With Aftab Iqbal (Comedy Show) – 14th April 2019
Breaking Views at 92 News (Presidential System) – 14th April 2019
Joke Dar Joke (Comedy Show) – 14th April 2019
To The Point (Punjab Ke 2 Chaudhry, Aamne Saamne) – 14th April 2019
Sawal Yeh Hai (Opposition Aur Ahtasab) – 14th April 2019
Sawal Hai Pakistan Ka (Khule Aam Naqal) – 14th April 2019
Live With Nasrullah Malik (Terrorism Again) – 14th April 2019
View Point (Demand of Presidential System) – 14th April 2019
Jawab Deh (Muhammad Zubair Exclusive) REPEAT– 14th April 2019
Nasim Zehra @ 8:00 (Shahbaz Sharif's Family in Trouble) – 14th April 2019