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92 At 8 (Balochistan Mein Siasi Tadeeli) - 24th October 2021
Mailbox with Aftab Iqbal (Episode 90 | BLOOPERS) - 24th October 2021
Infocus (PTI's Claims & Promises: How Far From Reality? Political Trolling of Journalists) - 24th October 2021
Cross Talk (IMF Demands, Inflation, Economy) - 24th October 2021
Think Tank (Issue of Role of Law in Pakistan) - 24th October 2021
Zuban-E-Khalq (PDM Protest Against Inflation) - 24th October 2021
7 Se 8 Sana Hashmi Kay Sath (T20 World Cup India vs Pakistan) - 24th October 2021
D Chowk (Exclusive Talk With Shazia Marri) - 24th October 2021
Face To Face (Mehngai Ki Lehar, Hakumat Ka Imtehan) - 24th October 2021
Ikhtalafi Note (T-20 Pak India Cricket Match) - 24th October 2021
Muqabil (CNN News, CM Jam Kamal, Other Issues) - 23rd October 2021
Jirga (Campaign Against Asma Sherazi) - 23rd October 2021
Khabardar with Aftab Iqbal (Episode 160) - 23rd October 2021
Live with Dr Shahid Masood (Imran Khan Should Take Action) - 23rd October 2021
News Beat (PM Imran Khan's Saudi Arabia Visit, IMF's Demands) - 23rd October 2021
Newsline With Maria Zulfiqar (Balochistan Mein Tabdeeli Ki Hawa) - 23rd October 2021
DNA (IMF Strict Conditions? Mysterious Silence Of Finance Minister) - 24th October 2021
Live with Nasrullah Malik (Balochistan Mein Kia Ho Raha Hai?) - 23rd October 2021
Khabar Se Khabar (Pakistani Airspace For America? | Allies Raise Alarm Bells) - 23rd October 2021
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath (Dama Dam Mast Qalandar) - 23rd October 2021
Pukaar With Aneela Zaka (Aik Aur Gang Giraftar) - 23rd October 2021
Think Tank (TLP March: Chaotic Situation in Country) - 23rd October 2021
Sawal with Ehtesham (Pakistan Giving Its Airspace to America?) - 23rd October 2021
Rubaroo With Shaukat Paracha (Tehreek e Labbaik Ka March) - 23rd October 2021
92 At 8 (CNN News About Pakistan's Airspace) - 23rd October 2021
Jamhoor With Fareed Raees (Public Survey on Inflation) - 23rd October 2021
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar (Pak India Cricket Takra) - 23rd October 2021
Cross Talk (Political Temperature Up in Balochistan) - 22nd October 2021
Infocus (Rising Political Temperature, TLP Protests) - 23rd October 2021
7 Se 8 Sana Hashmi Kay Sath (Protest Of Banned Organisation) - 23rd October 2021
D Chowk (Exclusive Talk With Amjad Islam Amjad) - 23rd October 2021
Ikhtalafi Note (Is Pakistan Ready to Give Airspace to America?) - 23rd October 2021
Face to Face (Negotiations With IMF, Inflation) - 23rd October 2021
Mailbox with Aftab Iqbal (BLOOPERS | Episode 89) - 23rd October 2021
Doosra Rukh (PM Imran Khan's Visit to Saudi Arabia | Will The Ban on TikTok Continue?) - 23rd October 2021
Muqabil (China, Bhutan, India Issue, IMF, Economy) - 22nd October 2021
Live with Dr. Shahid Masood (Mazeed Kasheedagi) - 22nd October 2021
Tonight With Fareeha (PTI Govt Surrounded By Crisis) - 22nd October 2021
Naya Pakistan (Inflation And Protest) - 22nd October 2021
Zara Hat Kay (TLP Protest: Will the State Distribute More Cheques?) - 22nd October 2021


Fawad Chaudhry Vs Ahsan Iqbal on X (Twitter)

Fawad Chaudhry Vs Ahsan Iqbal on X (Twitter)

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