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The Reporters (PM Imran Khan Takes Notice of Usman Mirza Case) - 8th July 2021
Benaqaab (Four Accomplices of Usman Mirza Arrested) - 8th July 2021
Nuqta e Nazar (Mufti Taqi Usmani Per Hamla) - 8th July 2021
Khabr Garm Hai with Sonia Adnan (Naraz Baloch) - 8th July 2021
Nai Baat Fawad Ahmed Kay Sath (Issues of Karachi) - 8th July 2021
Aakhri Show (Maryam Nawaz To Get Relief From Court) - 8th July 2021
Mad e Muqabil (Usman Mirza Case: Zulm Ki Inteha) - 7th July 2021
Live with Dr. Shahid Masood (Pas e Manzar Mein) - 7th July 2021
Zara Hat Kay (Dilip Kumar Passed Away, Usman Mirza Case)  - 7th June 2021
Breaking Point with Malick (Another Failure of NAB) - 7th July 2021
Khabar Hai (Question Mark on NAB's Performance) - 7th July 2021
Off The Record (Shahbaz Sharif Payon Kyun Pakarna Chahte Hain?) - 7th July 2021
Clash with Imran Khan (Opposition Aapas Mein Lar Pari) - 7th July 2021
Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga (PDM's Chapter Closed) - 7th July 2021
Live with Adil Shahzeb (Bilawal Berates PMLN Over Change of Political Stance) - 7th July 2021
Mazaq Raat (Guests: Musician Nadeem Jafri And Model Iqra Waseem) - 7th July 2021
Power Play (Bilawal Bhutto Ki PMLN Per Tanqeed) - 7th July 2021
Spot Light (Minorities Objections on Single National Curriculum) - 7th July 2021
Awaz (Opposition Ke Taboot Mein Aakhri Keel) - 7th July 2021
G For Gharidah (PMLN Vs PPP, Load Shedding) - 7th July 2021
Dunya Kamran Khan Kay Sath (Bilawal's Criticism of PMLN) - 7th July 2021
Kal Tak (Asif Zardari's Bail, Disgruntled Baloch Militants) - 7th July 2021
Night Edition (Bilawal Bhutto Criticised PMLN) - 7th July 2021
Ab Pata Chala (PMLN Wants to Deal With the Govt?) - 7th July 2021
Hum Meher Bokhari Kay Sath (Bilawal Ki PMLN Per Tanqeed) - 7th July 2021
Nadeem Malik Live (Is Deal Part of Pakistan's Politics) - 7th July 2021
Hard Talk Pakistan (Differences Between PMLN & PPP) - 7th July 2021
News Night With Aniqa Nisar (Exclusive Talk With Foreign Spokesperson Zahid Hafeez) - 7th July 2021
Tajzia Sami Ibrahim Analysis (Naraz Baloch Leaders Se Guftugu) - 7th July 2021
Harf e Raaz (Decision to Talk With Baloch Militants) - 7th July 2021
Open Mic Cafe with Aftab Iqbal (Episode 168 ) - 7th July 2021
Riyasat Aur Awam (PMLN Aur PPP Mein Mahaz Arai) - 7th July 2021
Nasim Zehra @ 8 (Bilawal Bhutto Aggressive Against PMLN) - 7th July 2021
Ho Kya Raha Hai (PPP And PMLN's Blame Game) - 7th July 2021
Faisla Aap Ka (Bilawal Bhutto Ki PMLN Per Tanqeed) - 7th July 2021
On The Front (Why Bilawal Bhutto Criticising PMLN) - 7th July 2021
To The Point (Bilawal Shair Ke Shikari Ban Gaye) - 7th July 2021
Tonight with Fereeha (PPP Leadership Criticism of PMLN) - 7th July 2021
Seedhi Baat (Pakistan Medical Commission Scandal) - 7th July 2021
Report Card (Khawaja Asif Case, Usman Mirza Arrested) - 7th July 2021


Huge crowd in PTI workers convention at Karak (KPK)

Huge crowd in PTI workers convention at Karak (KPK)

Views: 2513 | November 26, 2023
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