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A Cute Child Saying
Salman Shahbaz Bashing Imran Khan's Naya Pakistan & PTI's Performance in KPK
Asma Jahangir Views on PTI & Imran Khan's Way of Protest & Govt Attitude
PTV Attack Seems Inside Job, Ex MD PTV Raising Serious Questions on PTV Attack Incident
Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad Blasts Rehman Malik on Delaying PIA Flight
Altaf Hussain's Daughter Afzaa Altaf Hugging Her Father During Live Speech
Imran Khan Speech in PTI Azadi March at Islamabad - 17th September 2014
Wo Din Hawa Huwey Ke Paseena Gulab Tha - by Haroon Rasheed - 18th September 2014
Aik Daireena Qari Ka Khat - by Nazir Naji - 18th September 2014
Imran Khan Ki Tashweeshnak Zehni Kafiyat - by Ata ul Haq Qasmi - 18th September 2014
Mir Murtaza Bhutto Aur Imran Khan - by Hamid Mir - 18th September 2014
Aayein Ki Qasmein Uthaney Waley - by Ansar Abbasi - 18th September 2014
Kya Khatra Tal Gaya - by Nusrat Javed - 18th September 2014
Altaf Hussain Speech to MQM Workers at Nine Zero Karachi - 17th September 2014
Chaudhry Nisar Blasts PTI Leadership in His Speech in Parliament - 17th September 2014
Clash Between Anchor Mehar Bukhari and PMLN Mushahidullah Khan in Live Show
Stones Thrown At Hamid Mir by Protesters in Live Transmission of Capital Talk
Rehman Malik Exclusive Talk to Media On What Happened with Him in PIA Flight - 17th September 2014
Dr. Tahir ul Qadri Speech To Inqilab March, 7PM - 17th September 2014
Hamid Mir Plays the Old Video Clip of Imran Khan & Sheikh Rasheed Bashing Each Other
Kashif Abbasi Appreciating the Incident of Throwing Rehman Malik & Ramesh Kumar Out of PIA Flight
Core Commander Multan Abid Pervez Media Briefing on Flood Victims Rescue - 17th September 2014
Javed Chaudhry Analyzing Who is the Best Leader of Pakistan, Must Watch
Dr Tahir ul Qadri Speech to Inqilab March in Islamabad - 17th September 2014
Allama Tahir ul Qadri Invites Waseem Badami For Bakra Eid In Model Town
Geo News Criticizing Imran Khan on Getting His Workers Released By Police
PAT Member Telling How Dr. Tahir ul Qadri Living in Container From More Than One Month
Kalsoom Nawaz (Owner of Chaudhry Sugar Mills) Paid Rs.408 Tax & Mariyam Nawaz Didnt Paid Tax
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Speech in OGDCL Ceremony in Attock - 17th September 2014
Umar Riaz Abbasi Telling Why He Was Arrested & How Police Treated Him
Ban Ke Rahe Ga Naya Pakistan - by Prof. Riffat Mazhar - 17th September 2014
Har Aankh Yahan Aansoon Ka Jharna Hai - by Prof. Mazhar - 16th September 2014
Murad Saeed Blasts Talal Chaudhry on Using Bad Language, Talal Chaudhry Ran Away
After Shahbaz Sharif's Deadlines, Now Nawaz Sharif Gives Another Deadline to End Loadshedding
IHC Order To Dismiss All Cases Against PTI & PAT Workers Registered Under Section 144
I Am Ready to End My Sit-in, If Nawaz Sharif Declares His Assets - Imran Khan
PMLN Supporters Annoying Shahbaz Sharif Again & Again with Their Slogans
Hassan Nisar Bashing Sharif Family & Exposing Their Crimes in Live Show
PMLN Abdul Manan Gets Angry on PAT Member & Starts Shouting in Live Show
Junaid Jamshaid Announced to Fully Support Imran Khan & His Cause

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