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It Was A Drama by Shabbir Jan to Leave Nida Yasir's Show, Watch The Real Video
Newly Elected Women Senators Came To Parliament With Determination
MQM Ke Waqas Shah Ko Kis Ne Goli Maari, Dekhiye Aik Nayi Video Aur Khud Faisla Kejiye
MQM's Bad Time Has Started, Nine Zero Operation Is Just A Trailer - Amir Mateen
Altaf Hussain First Time Admits That UK Police Has Confiscated His Passport
Watch What MQM's Amir Khan Said to Judge and What Judge Replied in Court
I Am Amazed to See That Altaf Hussain Suggesting Terrorists To Leave The Country - Shaheen Sehbai
DG Rangers is Lying, Nine Zero is Not A No Go Area - Altaf Hussain
Umar Akmal Could Not Bear Shoaib Akhtar's Criticism, Watch His Reaction
Imran Khan Talking To Media About Rangers Operation At Nine Zero - 12th March 2015
Terrorists Meri Tarah Idhar Udhar Ho Jatey, Altaf Hussain Admits That He Is A Terrorist
Asad Umar Views About MQM And Its Terrorism Activities in Karachi
Dr. Shahid Masood Telling Someone is Threatening Him Due to One of His Program
Kamran Shahid Forcing Zubair Umar to Say That MQM is A Terrorist Party
Faisal Wada Blasts MQM and Calls Their Politics
Dr. Shahid Masood Making Fun of Raza Rabbani's Tears & Declares Him Another Farooq Leghari For PPP
Mein Chief Justice of Pakistan Par Lanat Bheijta Hoon - Shahi Syed Saying in Live Show
I Salute Rangers and Pakistan Army For Fulfilling My Dreams - Zulfiqar Mirza
Anchor Imran Khan Confirms That Express Cameraman Was Not Injured By Rangers
Dr. Shahid Masood Telling Story of His Meeting with MQM Terrorist Saulat Mirza in Jail
Actress Neelum Munir Telling The Name of Her Favourit Pakistani Cricketer
Ujla Aadmi - by Haroon Rasheed - 12th March 2015
Aik Tareekhi Haadsa Ya Saniha - by Nazir Naji - 12th March 2015
Mayusi Ke Khilaf Tabl e Jang - by Ataul Haq Qasmi - 12th March 2015
Kahan Qatil Badalte Hain, Faqt Chehre Badalte Hain - by Hamid Mir - 12th March 2015
Kya Jamhoriyat Mazboot Ho Gai - by Ansar Abbasi - 12th March 2015
Imran Aur Intehai Ehtiat - by Hassan Nisar - 12th March 2015
Yeh Ittihad Awam Ke Liye Kyun Nahi Hota - by Javed Chaudhry - 12th March 2015
Pagil Aur Jahil Kehne Par Zulfiqar Mirza Ne Barrister Saif (MQM) Ki Dhulai Kardi
Breaking News: MQM Considering to Disassociate Itself From Some Important MQM Leaders
PTI Response on Rangers Operation At MQM Headquarter Nine Zero Karachi
Rangers Operation Ke Dauran Kambal Mein Aslah (Weapons) Chupa Kar Laaye - Altaf Hussain
PM Nawaz Sharif Speech At Karachi - Lahore Motorway Ceremony - 11th March 2015
MQM Female Supporters Badly Crying After Rangers Operation At Nine Zero
Altaf Hussain Wrongly Reciting Surah Feel of Holy Quran During His Speech
Zahra Shahid's Daughter Said That Imran Khan is the Murderer of Her Mother - Altaf Hussain
Court Issues Death Warrants For MQM Terrorist Saulat Mirza, To Be Hanged on 19th March
What Rangers Officer Said to Altaf Hussain's Sister - Watch Shameful Allegation by Altaf Hussain
MQM Announces Countrywide Protest Against Rangers Operation At Nine Zero
Watch Inside View of MQM's Nine Zero Headquarter After Rangers Raid

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