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Even PMLN Voters Demanding Resignations From Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif
In Last 24 Days, Imran Khan Gained More Than He Did in Last 24 Years : Orya Maqbool Jan
Interesting Debate Between Rana Sanaullah and Dr. Tahir ul Qadri's Dummy
Nawaz Sharif Can Sacrifice 10s of Chaudhry Nisar For His Politics - Sheikh Rasheed
Jamshed Dasti Gives His Resignation to Imran Khan After His Mother Agreed
Dr. Shahid Masood Telling Amazing Story How A Professional Thief Became an MNA
Imran Khan Roaring in Sultan Rahi Style on Different Occasions, Interesting Video
Watch Indian Media Coverage on Imran Khan and Tahir ul Qadri's Sit-ins Against Nawaz Govt
Indian Prime Ministers Offers His Help For the Flood Victims of Pakistan
Sheikh Imran Hossien Message For Pakistan, Imran Khan, Tahir ul Qadri & Nawaz Govt
Shahid Mehmood Qureshi and Ishaq Dar Talking to Media After Negotiations Round
Javed Chaudhry's Appeal to Imran Khan and Dr. Tahir ul Qadri in Current Situation
Faqt Zauq e Parwaz Hai Zindagi - by Haroon Rasheed - 8th September 2014
Nakami Ko Kamyabi Mein Tabdeel Kar Do - by Hamid Mir - 8th September 2014
Faqeed ul Misal Gumnam Heroes - Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan - 8th September 2014
Nisar Aur Aitzaz - by Ansar Abbasi - 8th September 2014
Salateen e Dehli Se Taza Tareen Siasat Tak - by Hassan Nisar - 8th September 2014
Imran Khan 2nd Speech at PTI Azadi March Islamabad - 7th September 2014
Imran Khan Speech at PTI Azadi March Dharna Islamabad - 7th September 2014
Hassan Nisar with Imran Khan on Container During His Speech to Azadi March
Nawaz Sharif's Funny English with the Help of Shahbaz Sharif in Front of Chinese Prime Minister
Pak Army Soldiers Continue Their Rescue Operation in Flood Hit Areas of Pakistan
These Are Not Elected, They Forcefully Entered in Parliament - Nazir Naji Views on Current Govt
Maulana Fazal ur Rehman Dirty Talk About A PTI Women in Joint Session of Parliament
Chinese President Visit & Loan or Investment, Zaeem Qadri Vs PTI Ali Zaidi
Geo News Bashing Imran Khan and Mubashir Luqman on Lying About Chinese President Visit
Imported Shampoos Are Used For the Dogs of Nawaz Sharif - Asif Ali Pota Reveals
Let My Daughter Go to School - A PTI Voter From Islamabad, Appeals to Imran Khan
Why PTI Azadi March Was Essential, Watch A Glimpse of Past Few Months
Dr. Tahir ul Qadri Views on Afghan Taliban's War Against American & NATO Forces
Lo Ji Hum Jaa Rahe Hain - by Prof. Riffat Mazhar - 7th September 2014
Ejaz Hussain, The Script Writer of Azadi & Inqilab March & Mastermind of 35 Punctures, Exposed
Excellent Parody of Sheikh Rasheed by Azizi with Jamshaid Dasti Dummy
Hassan Nisar Blasts The Political Mafias and So Called Democracy of Pakistan
Imran Khan Exposing the Series of Lies of Nawaz Sharif During His Speech
Dr. Shahid Masood First Time Reveals Why He Resigned From PTV, Interesting Story
Fawad Chaudhry Analysis on How PTI & PAT Dharnas Have Affected the Govt
Imran Khan's Reply to Maulana Fazal ur Rehman on His Abusive Comments About PTI Women
Hum Kaisa Mulazim Chahtey Hain - by Rauf Klasra - 7th September 2014
Nahi, Khuda Ki Qasam Hargiz Nahi - by Haroon Rasheed - 7th September 2014


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