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America Should Have Done Efforts For Nation-Building in Afghanistan - Reema Omer
Iqrar ul Hassan's Exclusive Talk With Tiktoker Girl Who Was Harassed At Minar e pakistan
New Footages Appear, Crowd Seen Around Titkoker Girl Before The Incident
Pakistani Actress Mahira Khan Tweets on Incident Happened At Minar e Pakistan
According to the Constitution, I Am The Acting President of Afghanistan - Amrullah Saleh Claims
China's Mars Rover Can Play Crucial Roles in Advancing Space Research - Watch Report
PM Imran Khan Takes Notice of The Incident Happened with Tiktoker at Minar e Pakistan
How Do You See Taliban Spokesperson's Media Talk? Shah Mehmood Qureshi Replies to Journalist
Breaking News: Canada Refused To Recognise Taliban's Govt in Afghanistan
PM Imran Khan Got Angry With Asad Umar in Federal Cabinet Meeting
HR Minister Shireen Mazari's Tweets on Minar e Pakistan Incident
What Is Happening With Women in Surroundings of Kabul After Taliban's Occupation - Benazir Shah Reveals
World Failed to Make Pakistan Scapegoat on Afghanistan’s Issue – Sheikh Rasheed’s Media Talk
Big Campaign in London | Trouble for Thieves & Looters | How did PM Imran Khan's Dream Come True? Imran Riaz's Analysis
Bilawal Bhutto's Critical Tweet on Incident of Female Tiktoker At Minar e Pakistan
Islamabad Mein Sagey Bhai Ki Apni 12 Sala Behan Ke Sath Jinsi Ziadati
Lahore Minar e Pakistan Ground Mein Female Tiktoker Per Mob Ka Hamla - Maria Ali's Vlog
'This is an Urgent Humanitarian Crisis' - Malala Yousafzai's Views on Afghanistan's Situation
PIA's Pilot Made a Heroic Flight From Kabul to Pakistan, Exclusive Details By PIA's Pilot
See How Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar Welcomed at Kandahar Airport?
Police Register Case Against A Mob For Assaulting Female Tiktoker At Minar e Pakistan on August 14
Taliban's First Press Conference, How Accurate Are Global Concerns? Imran Khan's Vlog
Prisoner to President | Who Is Mulla Baradar | Mullah Zabihullah's Press Conference - Rauf Klasra's Vlog
From Lawrence Garden To Baagh-e-Jinnah - Green Beauty of Pakistan
Extremism in Our Society - Candid Discussion Among Syed Zill e Hassan, Maryam Khan & Muaz
Women's Place in Taliban's Afghanistan? Reema, Benazir, Mehmal & Natasha's Vlog
Pakistanis' Views on Taliban's Govt in Afghanistan
Important Announcements in Taliban's First Press Conference - Details By Mansoor Ali Khan
Taliban Spokesperson Mullah Zabihullah's First Ever Press Conference in Kabul
Single National Curriculum: An Attack on 18th Amendment - Afshan Masab & Kashif Baloch's Vlog
Najam Sethi's Tweet on Pakistani's Attitude Towards Afghanistan
Who Is Mullah Abdul Ghani Bradar? New President of Afghanistan?
Kashmiri Children Arguing With Indian Journalist Against India & Modi
If Taliban Are So Good Then Why Are Afghans Running Away From Afghanistan? Rauf Klasra Asks Major Amir
Huge Number of Taliban Leaving to Welcome Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar at Airport
Iftikhar Ahmad's Analysis on Taliban's Recent Victory Against Afghan Govt
How 640 People Travelled in American C-17 Plane From Afghanistan to Qatar?
Bilawal Bhutto Urges PTI to Bring Taliban's Issue in Parliament - Bilawal's Press Conference
Hamid Mir's Exclusive Interview To Indian Tv Channel Regarding Taliban's Takeover in Afghanistan
See Situation of Kabul After Taliban's Takeover

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