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Imran Khan has mislead the overseas Pakistanis, they don't know about inflation - Asif Zardari
Asif Ali Zardari's Important Press Conference in Karachi - 11th May 2022
Breaking News: Election Commission rejects PTI's reference against 20 dissident members
Elections may be held before the appointment of the Army Chief - Khawaja Asif's Interview to BBC
Reaction of a Retired Major over Imran Khan's statement against General Bajwa
Pakistan's PM & the entire cabinet has gone to London to present report to a criminal - Shahbaz Gil
Imran Khan has lost the support of retired military officers after he attacked Army Chief - Rauf Klasra
Najam Sethi! Apni Auqat Daikh, Tu Sada Ka Ghaddar Hai - Fayaz Chohan
Exclusive Footage: See how many people were in Jhelum Jalsagah during Imran Khan's speech
If Nawaz Sharif wants to run Pakistan, he has to come to Pakistan - Talat Hussain
Mualana Tariq Jameel Refused to Shake Hand with A Common Man
Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh shot dead by Israeli forces during coverage
My house is under surveillance - Imran Riaz shares CCTV pictures of the vehicle outside his home
PMLN Leaders Meeting in London: Most PMLN leaders suggest immediate elections
India: Muslim Man's House Demolished for Marrying a Hindu Woman
Female Indian Muslim Lawyer Arfa Khanum stood firm in front of the Indian government
An Easy way Out of a Crisis, The Nation has Woken Up - Sabir Shakir's analysis
US Foreign Office's spokesperson's reaction on Imran Khan's allegations against America
The issue of granting broadcasting rights to A sports has been handed over to FIA
Imran Khan Ne Pakistan Mein Her Cheez Ko Tabah Kar Dia Hai - Nawaz Sharif Talks in London
Imran Khan's Huge Power Show in Jhelum | Early Elections or Brutal Crack Down against Social Media?
Najam Sethi Entering Nawaz Sharif's House in London
Former Governor Punjab Umar Sarfaraz Cheema & Babar Awan Having Political Discussion
Imran Khan turns tables on Sharifs and mighty Establishment - Ruaf Klasra's vlog
Mulk Per Daku Hamla Kar Dein Tu Chowkidar Yeh Nahi Keh Sakta Mein Neutral Hoon - Fawad Chaudhry's Speech
Nawaz Sharif calls Shahbaz Sharif in London, can Imran Khan be arrested?
Exclusive Footage of Imran Khan's Entry in Jhelum Jalsa Ground & On Stage
Exclusive drone footage: How many people in PTI's Jhelum Jalsa?
No voting right for dual nationals overseas Pakistanis - Noor Alam Khan presents bill in Assembly
Maine Apni Behn Ko Qatal Kar Ke Apne Baap Ka Sar Fakhar Se Buland Kar Dia - Qaatil Bhai
Punjab Police guarded Farah Gogi's residence for over three years in Imran Khan's government
LIVE Transmission of PTI Jalsa in Jhelum - 10th May 2022
Farah Gogi inquiry: NAB writes more than 100 letters to difference institutions
Imran Khan's Disappointment and Frustration - Najam Sethi's Article
Sri Lanka: protesters set ministers' homes on fire as economic crisis deepens
Why PM Shehbaz Sharif immediately called to London by Nawaz Sharif? Details by Zafar Naqvi
Fawad Chaudhry's leaked audio message exposed PTI's plan to show their Jalsas big
Governor Punjab Issue: Imran Khan's Direct Appel to Supreme Court
Can Imran Khan be Anti-state? | Crack Down against Media - Moeed Pirzada's Analysis


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