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Nawaz Sharif Is Convict, Why Would Imran Khan Want to Be Nawaz Sharif - Shazia Zeshan Asks Rana Sanaullah
You Have Soft Corner For PMLN - Shaukat Basra Accuses Anchor Benish Saleem
PM Imran Khan Was Much Angry on What Amir Dogar Said in Nadeem Malik's Show
Asif Zardari's Response on DG ISI's Appointment Issue
Breaking News: PM Imran Khan Will Interview The Candidates For DG ISI's Post
Imran Khan's Religious Belief May Be Involved in DG ISI's Appointment - Sadaqat Ali Abbasi (PTI)
PM Imran Khan Likely To Attend Parliament Session Today
PTI Seeks Clarification From Amir Dogar on Careless Conversation About National Security Issue in Talk Show
DG ISI Issue Per Hakumati Wuzara Idhar Udhar Ho Gaye Hain - Dr Shahid Masood
There Are Thirty PTI MNAs Who Are In Contact With US - PMLN Mohsin Shahnawaz Ranjha Claims
I Think There Are No Any Differences in Civil Military Relationships - Nadeem Afzal Chan
DG ISI Appointment: PM Imran Khan Has Few Options - Mubashir Luqman's Vlog
Tiktoker Ayesha Akram Slandered Pakistani Boys? Kashif Baloch's Vlog
Tiktoker Ayesha in Trouble: Ayesha & Rambo Could Go to Jail For 7 Years
Jado Tona Aur Amliyat, Pakistani Siasatdano Ke Peer Kaun? Imran Riaz Khan's Vlog
Breaking News: Three Names Sent to PM Imran Khan For DG ISI's Appointment
Jinnaat, Jado Tona Aur Pakistani Siasat - Saleem Safi's Vlog
What Make PMs & Army Chiefs Clash Over DG ISI Appointment in Pakistan? Rauf Klasra's Vlog
Maryam Nawaz Jo Steel Ka Glass Le Ker Ghomti Hain Wo Kia Hai? Benish Asks PMLN's Representative
FIA Arrests Female Youtuber Hina Mehmood For Blackmailing
Fake Tweet About DG ISI Appointment That Lead Stock Exchange Downwards - Sabir Shakir Shared Details
Amir Liaquat's Aggressive Tweets Against Maryam Nawaz, Calls Her
Everyone Should Remain Within Their Constitutional Jurisdiction - Fazlur Rehman Criticizes Imran Khan on DG ISI Issue
Har Tohfay Ko Public Karny Per Pabandi Kyn? Justice Gul Hassan's Remarks in Toshakhana Case
ISI Chief Ki Appointment Ka Ikhtiar Army Chief Ka Hai - Captain Safdar
NAB Team Reaches To Arrest Sindh Assembly Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani
Why Maryam Nawaz Accused Imran Khan of Using Magic for Posting, Transfers - Mansoor Ali Khan's Vlog
Summary of DG ISI's Appointment Has Been Received By PM Office
Maryam Nawaz Khud Siasi Churail Hai - Maryam Ke Jado Tona Ka Ilzam Lagane Per Shahbaz Gill Ki Press Conference
Dr Shahbaz Gill's Reply to Maryam Nawaz's Allegations on PM Imran Khan
Maryam Baji! You Are A Certified 'Chor' - Zartaj Gul's Response to Maryam Nawaz
Heated Debate Between Anchor Imran Khan And Brig (R) Farooq Hameed on DG ISI Issue
Najam Sethi's Analysis on Recent Development in DG ISI Appointment Issue
Imran Khan Jado Tona Aur Jantar Mantar Se Mulk Chala Raha Hai - Maryam Nawaz
Mein Na NAB Se Darti Hoon, Na Jali Cases Se - Maryam Nawaz Media Talk Outside Court
One of The Hilarious Clip of Legend Comedian Umar Sharif's Performance
This Govt Has Made Institutions An Experiment Laboratory - Ahsan Iqbal's Media Talk
They Call Me Puppet of Army, But I Am An Elected Prime Minister - PM Imran Khan Says in Cabinet
Tameez Se Baat Karo - Uzma Bukhari And Hina Pervez Butt's Clash With Police
New DG ISI's Appointment Process Has Been Started After PM & Army Chief's Consultation - Fawad Chaudhry

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