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One Year Complete of Youtube Ban in Pakistan - New Govt is Unable to Unblock Youtube

Posted By: Saeed Zaman, September 16, 2013 | 23:50:19

On 17th September 2012, Youtube was blocked in Pakistan, due to the blasphemy material on it. Today, on 17th September 2013, One year has completed of Youtube ban in Pakistan. During this period, Youtube was opened once for a short time and re-blocked.

Now, After coming the new Govt. Pakistani public was thinking that now, youtube will be unblocked in Pakistan. But the incompetency level of this Govt. is not less than the previous one. This Govt. is also unable to unblock youtube in Pakistan. The IT Minister Anusha Rehman has claimed so many times, that youtube will be unblocked soon, but it is still blocked. It seems that this Govt. also do not want to unblock it.