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Ab Kiya Hoga - 28th July 2013 (Why Political Parties Doesn't Have Unanimous In Presidential Elections?)
Ab Kiya Hoga - 27th July 2013 (What According To Islam Is Halal & Haram)
Ab Kiya Hoga - 24th July 2013 (Imran Khan Will Meet Gen. Kiyani After Eid)
Ab Kiya Hoga - 22nd July 2013 (Who Will Be The Next President Of Pakistan?)
Ab Kiya Hoga - 21st July 2013 (Corruption Creats A New Record Every Year In Pakistan)
Ab Kiya Hoga - 20th July 2013 (Sasta Ramzan Bazaar In Lahore)
Ab Kiya Hoga - 14th July 2013 (Are There Corrupt Officers In Nadra?)
Ab Kiya Hoga - 13th July 2013 (When Will PMLN Bring Change?)
Ab Kiya Hoga - 7th July 2013 (Journey Of Journalism)
Ab Kiya Hoga - 6th July 2013 (Drugs & Its Effects)
Ab Kiya Hoga - 30th June 2013 (Britain's P.M Visits Pakistan And Altaf Hussain Resigns on The Same Day)
Ab Kiya Hoga - 26th June 2013 (Why The Ratio Of Education Budget Is Less In Pakistan's Budget)
Ab Kiya Hoga - 23rd June 2013 (The Ratio Of Tax In Budget 2013-14)
Ab Kiya Hoga - 22nd June 2013 (Budget Of KPK Is Rs. 34.4 Billion)
Ab Kiya Hoga - 16th June 2013 (Patwari System)
Ab Kiya Hoga - 15th June 2013 (Time For Accountability)
Ab Kiya Hoga - 9th June 2013 (Enfranchisement Of State Bank Of Pakistan)
Ab Kiya Hoga - 2nd June 2013 (NA-29 Swat..Expectations From Young MNA)
Ab Kiya Hoga – 1st June 2013 (First Session of Sindh and Balouchistan Assembly)

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