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Ab Tak on ARY News

Ab Tak (Iss Baar Hum Maar Nahi Khayein Ge - Imran Khan) - 27th November 2014
Ab Tak (No One is Interested in Electoral Reforms) - 26th November 2014
Ab Tak (Tehreek e Insaf Ki Tahir ul Qadri Ko Dawat) - 25th November 2014
Ab Tak (What Imran Khan is Going to Do on 30th November) - 24th November 2014
Ab Tak (Kya Tehreek e Insaf PPP Ke Liye Khatra Hai?) - 20th November 2014
Ab Tak (30th November Protest: Is Situation Going Towards Violence) - 19th November 2014
Ab Tak (IDPs Ke Saath Naarwa Salook, Who is Responsible?) - 18th November 2014
Ab Tak (Imran Khan is Inciting People to Violence - Pervez Rasheed) - 13th November 2014
Ab Tak (Involvement of ISI & MI in Judicial Commission?) - 12th November 2014
Ab Tak (Sindh Hakumat Apni Baat Se Mukar Gai) - 11th November 2014
Ab Tak (MQM PPP Se Door, PMLN Ke Nazdeek Ho Rahi Hai) - 6th November 2014
Ab Tak (Petroleum Prices Reduced & Action on Over Billing) - 31st October 2014
Ab Tak (Gullu Butt Sent to Jail For 11 Years) - 30th October 2014
Ab Tak (Revolution Postponed, Tahir ul Qadri Leaves Pakistan) - 28th October 2014
Ab Tak (MQM Observe Black Day & Demand New Province) - 27th October 2014
Ab Tak (ARY Suspension, PTI Protests in Front of PEMRA Office) - 22nd October 2014
Ab Tak (PEMRA's Notification Suspended to Cancel ARY) - 21st October 2014
Ab Tak (MQM Decides To Separate Their Ways From Sindh Govt) - 20th October 2014
Ab Tak (Tough Competition in Multan, Will Javed Hashmi Win?) – 15th October 2014
Ab Tak (Jalson Pe Jalsey, Kya Election Qareeb Hai?) - 14th October 2014
Ab Tak (Who is Responsible For Deaths in Multan Incident) - 13th October 2014
Ab Tak (Indian Army Aggression Against Pakistan Still Continue) - 9th October 2014
Ab Tak (Jalson Aur Dharon Ka Anjaam Kya Hoga?) - 3rd October 2014
Ab Tak (Kya Dharne Wale Eid Gharon Mein Karein Ge) – 1st October 2014
Ab Tak (Bilawal Bhutto Apologize To PPP Supporters) - 30th September 2014
Ab Tak (Kya Qurbani Se Pehle Qurbani Hogi) - 29th September 2014
Ab Tak (Nawaz Sharif Visit to America) – 26th September 2014
Ab Tak (Karachi Ke Halaat ke Pakistan Par Asraat) - 25th September 2014
Ab Tak (Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Left For America) - 24th September 2014
Ab Tak (Karachi Ke Baad Tsunami Ab Lahore Mein) – 23rd September 2014
Ab Tak (PTI Suspends Javed Hashmi's Party Membership) - 22nd September 2014
Ab Tak (Dr. Tahir ul Qadri Special Interview) - 19th September 2014
Ab Tak (Qadri Imran Meeting in London, Bhanda Phoot Gaya, Shabaz Sharif) - 18th September 2014
Ab Tak (Islamabad Security Handed Over to Army) – 25th July 2014
Ab Tak (Iftikhar Chaudhry Sends Legal Notice to Imran Khan) - 24th July 2014
Ab Tak (Israel Barbarism Continue in Gaza) - 22nd July 2014
Ab Tak (Long March and Revolution, How Much Dangerous For Govt) - 21st July 2014
Ab Tak (Why Imran Khan Goes London Again and Again) - 17th July 2014
Ab TaK (If Rigging Proved, Then Mid Term Elections is Solution - Imran Khan) - 16th July 2014
Ab Tak (Imran Khan Determined For 14th August Long March) - 14th July 2014

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