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Awam on Capital TV

Awaam (Public Survey About Govt Performance) - 14th February 2020
Awam (Can PM Take Action Against Mafias?) - 9th February 2020
Awam (Is Maryam Nawaz Going Abroad?) - 8th February 2020
Awam (Pakistanis Stuck in China) - 1st February 2020
Awam (Forward Bloc In Punjab) - 25th January 2020
Awam (Transparency International Report) - 24th January 2020
Awam (Kia Hakumat Mushkil Mein Hai?) - 18th January 2020
Awam (Public Survey About Govt Performance) - 17th January 2020
Awam (Pakistan Ki Economy Kaise Theek Hogi?) - 12th January 2020
Awam (Govt And Friendly Opposition) - 11th January 2020
Awam (Can Pakistan Be Impartial in Iran US Conflict) - 10th January 2020
Awam (How Iran Will Respond to American Attack) - 4th January 2020
Awam (PTI's Parliamentary Meeting) - 3rd January 2020
Awam (Mulk Mein Gas Ki Shortage) - 22nd December 2019
Awam (Protests in India on Controversial Citizen Act) - 21st December 2019
Awam (PIC Incident: Will Victims Get Justice?) - 14th December 2019
Awam (London Phir Siasat Ka Markaz) - 8th December 2019
Awam (London Plan Aur Minus One Ki Baatein) - 7th December 2019
Awam (Will Naqeebullah Mehsud Get Justice?) - 6th December 2019
Awam (Pakistan's Economic Condition) - 30th November 2019
Awam (Reaction of Lahoris On Smog) - 24th November 2019
Awam (Opposition Ki Foreign Funding Per Tanqeed) - 23rd November 2019
Awam (Punjab Mein Tabdeeli Nagazeer) - 22nd November 2019
Awam (Nawaz Sharif's Health, Azadi March) - 8th November 2019
Awam (Trump Cancels Talks with Afghanistan) - 8th September 2019
Awaam (Why Changing NAB Law?) – 31st August 2019
Awaam (Kashmir Ke Logon Se Izhaar e Yakjehti) – 30th August 2019
Awaam (Public Views About PTI Govt's Performance) – 25th August 2019
Awaam (Politics on Garbage of Karachi) – 24th August 2019
Awaam (PTI Govt Performance of First Year) – 18th August 2019
Awaam (Kashmir, Pak Bharat Jang Ka Khatra) – 17th August 2019
Awaam (India Using Cluster Bombs on LoC) – 3rd August 2019
Awaam (Hasil Bizenjo Allegations on ISI) – 2nd August 2019
Awaam (Terrorists Attack on Army, Several Martyred) – 28th July 2019
Awaam (Chairman Senate Tabdeel Hoga Ya Nahi) – 27th July 2019
Awaam (FIR Registered Against Opposition) – 26th July 2019
Awaam (Who Is Controlling Pakistan's Economy?) – 21st July 2019
Awaam (Will PMLN Continue Aggressive Politics) – 19th July 2019
Awaam (Big Tobacco Company Mafias) – 5th May 2019
Awaam (PTI Ki Muashi Team Mein Tabdeeli) – 4th May 2019


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