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Bisaat on News One

Bisaat - 28th July 2013 (What Will Be The Result Of Presidential Elections)
Bisaat – 27th May 2013 (Exclusive Interview With Sheikh Rasheed)
Bisaat - 21st July 2013 (Will Pakistan Beg For Electricity In Front Of India)
Bisaat - 20th July 2013 (Ramsha Maseeh..Story Behind)
Bisaat - 14th July 2013 (Drone Attacks Continue..Govt. Is Helpless)
Bisaat - 13th July 2013 (Shamsi Air Base Is Used For Drone Attacks In Pakistan)
Bisaat on News One - 7th July 2013
Bisaat - 30th June 2013 (Exclusive Shah Mehmood Qureshi Interview)
Bisaat - 29th June 2013 (Discussion Over Situation Before & After Election)
Bisaat on News One - 23rd June 2013
Bisaat (Terror In KPK) – 22nd June 2013
Bisaat - 16th June 2013 (Sheikh Rasheed Exclusive)
Bisaat - 9th June 2013 (Big And Small Dams..Cheapest Way To Produce Electricity)
Bisaat - 2nd June 2013 (Real Test Of PMLN,Drones,Energy Crises,Economical Growth)


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