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Capital Talk with Hamid Mir

Capital Talk (Will Supreme Court Verdict End Crisis?) - 27th February 2023
Capital Talk (New Agreements with IMF: Salvation or Destruction?) - 23rd February 2023
Capital Talk (Jail Bharo Tehreek: Will the Whole of Pakistan Be Closed?) - 22nd Februray 2023
Capital Talk (Khawaja Asif Exclusive Interview) - 21st February 2023
Capital Talk (Political Rally Inside Lahore High Court?) - 20th February 2023
Capital Talk (Elimination of Poor Instead of Poverty?) - 16th February 2023
Capital Talk (Differences of Shahid Khaqan Abbasi With Party) - 15th February 2023
Capital Talk (PTI Demanding Elections | Economy) - 14th February 2023
Capital Talk (Conspiracy Against State, Pressure on Courts) - 13th February 2023
Capital Talk (Deal with IMF | Crisis in Pakistan | Government's Roadmap?) - 9th February 2023
Capital Talk (Imran Khan's Assassination Plan Fact or Fiction?) - 8th February 2023
Capital Talk (Jail Bharo Tehreek - Ended Before It Started) - 7th February 2023
Capital Talk (Imran Khan's Double Game | Dangerous Situation for Pakistan?) - 6th February 2023
Capital Talk (Vicious Circle of Political Victimization) - 2nd February 2023
Capital Talk (Delay In Election Is Violation of Constitution?) - 1st February 2023
Capital Talk (Peshawar Blast Is A Security Breach?) - 30th January 2023
Capital Talk (What's Going to Happen in the Upcoming Days?) - 26th January 2023
Capital Talk (Fawad Chaudhry Arrested | Imran Khan's Declaration of
Capital Talk (Power Breakdown | Imran Khan's Protest) - 24th January 2023
Capital Talk (Electricity Breakdown in Pakistan Along with Risk of Default) - 23rd January 2023
Capital Talk (Election Being Delayed Under the Guise of Default) - 19th January 2023
Capital Talk (Govt About to End? Differences Between PML-N & PPP?) - 17th January 2023
Capital Talk (What Major Challenges Will the Mayor of Karachi Face?) - 16th January 2023
Capital Talk (PPP Shocked by MQM Surprise, Pervaiz Elahi Succeed) - 12th January 2023
Capital Talk (Imran Khan Ineligible?, Where Do PTI Get Calls From?) - 11th January 2023
Capital Talk (Tosha Khana Case & Prohibited Funding Case) - 10th January 2023
Capital Talk (Chances of Imran Khan's Disqualification?) - 9th January 2023
Capital Talk (Rebellion in PTI - End of CM Game in Punjab) - 5th January 2023
Capital Talk (Traders Reject Govt's Energy Plan) - 4th January 2023
Capital Talk (What Is The Conflict Between PPP & MQM) - 3rd January 2023
Capital Talk (Important Decisions in NSC Meeting) - 2nd January 2022
Capital Talk (20 Years of Capital Talk) - 28th December 2022
Capital Talk (Governor Punjab Baligh ur Rehman Exclusive) - 27th December 2022
Capital Talk (Campaigns For Upcoming Elections?) - 26th December 2022
Capital Talk (No-Confidence Motion, Asif Zardari's Magic & PMLN Strategy) - 21st December 2022
Capital Talk (Collision of Pervaiz Elahi and PML-N?) - 20th December 2022
Capital Talk (Imran Khan's Disqualification & Dissolution of Assemblies) - 19th December 2022
Capital Talk (Noor Alam Khan Unveils The Backstory of Corruption) - 15th December 2022
Capital Talk (Why Is PM Shahbaz Sharif Helpless?) - 14th December 2022
Capital Talk (Akhtar Mengal Separated From the Government?) - 13th December 2022

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