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DNA (US Withdrawal From Afghanistan, Challenge For Pakistan) - 28th June 2021
DNA (Power, Gas Crisis, Inflation) - 24th June 2021
DNA (Lahore Blast, Afghan Policy, Other Issues) - 23rd June 2021
DNA (Money Laundering, Sugar Scandal!! Shahbaz Sharif Appears Before FIA) - 22nd June 2021
DNA (Imran Khan's Befitting Reply to America) - 21st June 2021
DNA (Shahbaz Sharif's Challenge to PTI Govt) - 17th June 2021
DNA (Federal Budget, Punjab Budget, Parliament Session) - 14th June 2021
DNA (8 - 10 Hours Load Shedding, Budget Tomorrow) - 10th June 2021
DNA (US Want Airbase in Pakistan, Other Issues) - 9th June 2021
DNA (Sindh Vs Federation, Budget 2021) - 8th June 2021
DNA (Shahbaz Sharif Active To Revive PDM) - 24th May 2021
DNA (Will General Elections Held Soon In Pakistan?) - 20th May 2021
DNA (Shahbaz Sharif's Name to Be Included in ECL?) - 12th May 2021
DNA (PM Imran Khan's Visit to Saudi Arabia) - 10th May 2021
DNA (Electronic Voting, Electoral Reforms) - 3rd May 2021
DNA (Who Will Won NA 249 By Elections?) - 29th April 2021
DNA (Accountability, Coronavirus, Other Issues) - 28th April 2021
DNA (Aik Mulaqat Kai Kahaniyan) - 27th April 2021
DNA (Supreme Court's Historic Decision in Justice Faez Isa Case) - 26th April 2021
DNA (Govt Banned TLP, Is It Too Late?) - 14th April 2021
DNA (Coronavirus Vaccination, Political Issues) - 30th March 2021
DNA (Big Deception With Pakistan) - 22nd March 2021
DNA (Pervez Khattak's Sting Operation Failed) - 9th March 2021
DNA (Government's Open Ballot Technology Fails) - 2nd March 2021
DNA (Senate Election, PM Visit to Siri Lanka) - 23rd February 2021
DNA (PM House Expenses Decreased, Other Issues) - 17th February 2021
DNA (Senate Election, PDM, Amir Liaquat, Yousaf Raza Gillani) - 16th February 2021
DNA (Long March & Dharna Opposition Destination?) - 10th February 2021
DNA (Horse Trading, PDM Flop Power Show in Hyderabad) - 9th February 2021
DNA (PDM Divided, MQM Angry with Govt, Senate Election) - 3rd February 2021
DNA (Senate Election, PDM, Inflation) - 1st February 2021
DNA (Indian Farmers on Fire, PDM, Broadsheet) - 27th January 2021
DNA (PDM Safe Exit? New Agreement?) - 25th January 2021
DNA (Gas Crisis, Political Issues) - 20th January 2021
DNA (PDM, Broadsheet, Modi & Indian Media Exposed) - 18th January 2021
DNA (Molana Fazaul Ur Rehman Is Angry?) - 13th January 2020
DNA (Imran Khan Final Warning To Ministers) - 12th January 2021
DNA (Bannu Jalsa, Hazara Community Sit-In) - 6th January 2021
DNA (Kashmir Issue, PDM, Paper Leak) - 5th January 2021
DNA (PDM Bahawalpur Show, Winners & Losers) - 4th January 2021


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