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Mumkin on Capital TV

Live With Nasrullah Malik (MQM Ka Mustabqil) – 8th January 2017
Special Transmission On Channel 24 (PTI's Raiwind March) – 30th September 2016
Aaj Ki Baat (PPP, PTI & MQM in Action) – 29th November 2015
Mumkin (Amir Dogar Won, Kya Tabdeeli Aa Gai?) – 16th October 2014
Mumkin (Multan Ka Election, Javed Hashmi Ki Siasat Khatre Mein) – 15th October 2014
Mumkin (World Cup 2015 and Pakistani Cricket Team) – 14th October 2014
Mumkin (Why Secret Hands Behind Politics Not Disclosed?) - 13th October 2014
Mumkin (Third Day Eid Special Transmission) – 8th October 2014
Mumkin (Prime Minister Disqualification Case in Court) - 2nd October 2014
Mumkin (Eid Bhi Dharney Mein Ho Gi - Imran Khan) – 1st October 2014
Mumkin (Mid Term Elections Solution To Save Democracy) – 30th September 2014
Mumkin (Petition in Supreme Court to Disqualify Nawaz Sharif) – 29th September 2014
Mumkin (Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad Special Interview) – 25th September 2014
Mumkin (Kya London Plan Expose Ho Gaya?) – 24th September 2014
Mumkin (Imran Khan and Tahir ul Qadri Together) – 11th August 2014
Mumkin (Will Dr. Tahir ul Qadri Be Able to Bring Revolution) - 7th August 2014
Mumkin (Nawaz Sharif Ke Resignation Ka Mutalba) - 6th August 2014
Mumkin (Who Will Go Home on 14th August?) - 5th August 2014
Mumkin (Is Govt Really Afraid of PTI Long March) - 4th August 2014
Mumkin P-2 (Eid Special with Reham Khan, Saleem Safi and Others) - 31st July 2014
Mumkin (Eid Special with Reham Khan, Saleem Safi and Others) – 30th July 2014
Mumkin (Foreign Role in Pakistani Politics) – 24th July 2014
Mumkin (Is There Any Solution of Extortion) - 23rd July 2014
Mumkin (Public Sick and Tired From Political Statements) – 22nd July 2014
Mumkin (Gaza Mein Qatal e Aam, Muslim Countries Kahan Hain?) – 21st July 2014
Mumkin (Imran Khan Azadi March Vs Govt Jashn e Azadi) - 17th July 2014
Mumkin (Pervez Khattak Announces to Kick Out PMLN Govt on 14th August) - 16th July 2014
Mumkin (Will PTI Tsunami March Towards Islamabad on 14th August) - 15th July 2014
Mumkin (Why Politicians Call Army Again and Again) – 14th July 2014
Mumkin (Imran Khan's Azadi March, Imran Kis Se Azadi Chahte Hain) - 10th July 2014
Mumkin (Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad Exclusive Interview) – 9th July 2014
Mumkin (Is PMLN Govt Really in Danger?) - 8th July 2014
Mumkin (Is Govt A Guest of 15 Days Due to Revolution) – 7th July 2014
Mumkin (Will Imran Khan Consider to Join Tahir ul Qadri) – 3rd July 2014
Mumkin (All the Prices Goes Up in the Month of Ramadan) – 2nd July 2014
Mumkin (Revolution, Long March, Is it Correct Timing?) – 1st July 2014
Mumkin (Are PTI's Four Demands Acceptable?) – 30th June 2014
Mumkin (Is Revolution Possible Only Through Elections?) – 26th June 2014
Mumkin (Imran Khan Announces Long March After Eid) – 25th June 2014
Mumkin (Govt's Gullu Buts in Civil Dress Tortured) - 24th June 2014


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