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Joe Biden's Speech VS Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar's Speech - Imran Khan's Analysis
Statue of Ranjeet Singh Vandalized Again, Police Arrests The Suspect
Hamid Mir Per Pabandi Kis Ne Lagai? Sunye Irfan Siddiqui Ka Tabsara
Noor Mukadam Case: Zahir Jaffer Presented Before Court: Details Of Court Hearing
Taliban Said We Will Marry Your Daughters - Afghan Woman Fears Daughters' Abduction by Taliban
What Are The Reasons Behind Sudden Surrender of Afghan Army? Najam Sethi's Analysis
Tajikistan Didn't Allow Ashraf Ghani to Land, Where Did He Go Then?
Biden Accepts America's Defeat And Mistakes - Sabir Shakir's Vlog
Afghanistan Main Fouj Bhejtay Hoe Bharat Ko Thanday Paseenay Anay Lagtay Hain - G. D. Bakshi
Bharat Ko Saanp Soongh Gaya Hai, Delhi Main Mukammal Sannata Hai - Dr Moeed Yousaf
Taliban Told Me to Stand to the Side 'Because I'm A Woman' - CNN Female Reporter
US President Joe Biden Addresses Nation on Taliban Takeover in Afghanistan
Why Are We Celebrating Taliban's Victory in Afghanistan? Reema Omer
Afghanistan Must Ensure That Its Land Will Not Be Used Against Anyone - PM Imran Khan
Kabul Has Fallen - Reasons Behind Sudden Collapse of Afghan Govt -  Rauf Klasra with Major (r) Amir
Life is 'Done' For Afghan Girls and Women - Afghan Cultural Leader in Canada
See The Panic At 'Hamid Karzai International Airport' After Taliban's Takeover
See Indian Media's Reaction on Taliban's Victory in Afghanistan
Ashraf Ghani Takes Helicopter Full Of Dollars With Him
Viral Video - Afghan Taliban Doing Exercise at Gym In Presidential Palace
Rare Video of Imran Khan And Jemima Khan Having Meal Together
PM Imran Khan Chaired Important Meeting of National Security Committee in Islamabad
Chinese Embassy Will Remain Open in Kabul, China Hints of 'Friendly Relations' with Afghan Taliban
Taliban's Victory: Should We Be Happy Or Worried? Imran Shafqat's Analysis
In Afghanistan Girls Will Get Only Religious Education Now, They Will Not Be Allowed To Attend Schools
Afghan Taliban Released Key TTP Leaders From Afghan Prisons
Propaganda of International Media Against Taliban - Orya Maqbool Jan's Analysis
Video Shows Afghans Who Clung to Plane Falling Off From Sky As Flight Takes off From Kabul
US Military Jet Leaving Kabul Airport, See How Afghans Running With Plane
FM Shah Mehmood Qureshi Tells Details of The Meeting with Afghan Political Delegation
Is This Airport Or Bus Station? See Panic Situation At Kabul Airport
US Troops Opened Fire At Kabul Airport, Several Afghan Citizens Got Killed
Meeting of National Security Committee Should Have Been Called Before Taliban's Adventure in Kabul - Talat Hussain
Nusrat Sehar Abbasi Ne Sharai Parda Shuru Kar Dia - Video Message Released
People of Afghanistan Have Broken The Chains of Slavery - PM Imran Khan
PM Imran Khan's Speech at Launching Ceremony of Single National Curriculum System Across Pakistan - 16th August 2021
Jihad Will Not End Until The Last Day, We'll Bring Islamic Law All Over The World - Taliban Leader
I Should Have Faced Taliban - Ashraf Ghani's Statement After Leaving Afghanistan
Ashraf Ghani Per Lanat Ho, Is Ne Hamen Bech Dia - Afghan Defense Minister Blasts
Taliban Took Control of Kabul, See Malala Yousafzai's Tweet on Current Situation

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