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Sindh High Cour Approached Against 'Pakistani’s Gay Marriage' in Sweden

Posted By: Almas Shah on June 29, 2013 | 07:54:35

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court (SHC) has been requested to direct a government act against a Pakistani citizen who has reportedly solemnized gay marriage in Sweden.
Muhammad Imran Shahzad from the United Human Rights Commission went to court against the Government of Sindh and the federal ministries of foreign affairs, interior affairs and religious affairs.
In his plea, Shahzad had reported that a Pakistani named Muhammad Yaqoob had recently solemnized gay marriage in Sweden in violation of Islamic laws, but the Pakistani ambassador there was mum over the matter.
The petitioner also claimed to be in possession of a marriage certificate issued by the Swedish authorities which stated that Muhammad Yaqoob and Asadullah Mehsood had been legally married. He also claims that he has photo of the marriage ceremony.
Shahzad contended that the gay marriage involving a Pakistani citizen was illegal because it was against Islamic ideology and the laws of the country.
He has sought approval from the foreign affairs ministry to condemn such marriages and has plead for a case be lodged against Muhammad Yaqoob for violating the country’s laws.
He also stated that Pakistani ambassadors posted in other countries were failing to preach the Islamic religious teachings among their communities and pleaded to the court to direct them.
The petition is expected be taken up for hearing in the coming days.

Source: Express Tribune