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Debate With Nasir (Reason Behind Zardar's Remarks Against Army) – 19th June 2015
Nasim Zehra @ 9:30 (Pressure on Sindh Govt) – 19th June 2015
Dusra Rukh (Asif Zardari Ke Bayan Ne Hulchul Macha Di) – 19th June 2015
DOC24 REPEAT (Chitral Special Documentary) On Channel 24 – 19th June 2015
Benaqaab (Implementation of National Action plan) – 19th June 2015
Bari Khabar On Bol Tv (Zardari Ki Iftaar Party) – 19th June 2015
Kahani Jurm Ki On Rozetv (REPEAT) – 19th June 2015
Situation Room (Peoples Party in Trouble) – 19th June 2015 – 8:30pm to 9:30pm
92 at 8 (Faisal Raza Abidi Special Interview) – 19th June 2015
Infocus (General (R) Hameed Gul Exclusive Interview) - 19th June 2015
G For Gharida (National Action Plan, How Much Implemented?) – 19th June 2015
Defence Mattars (One Year of Operation Zarb-e-Azb) – 19th June 2015
The Other Side (Increasing Issues of Karachi) – 19th June 2015
IMROZE‬ Imtiaz Alam Ke Sath (Current Issues) – 19th June 2015
Situation Room (Where is Politics of Pakistan Aheading?) – 19th June 2015 – 7:30pm to 8:30pm
Live With NBC On Bol Tv (REPEAT) – 19th June 2015
Main Aur Maulana (Iftaar Dinner of Asif Zardari Failed?) – 19th June 2015
Crime Scene (Crime Show) On 92 News – 19th June 2015
Ramzan Ki Barkaten By Moulana Tariq Jameel – 18th June 2015
Haq Se Bol With Javed Iqbal (Current Issues) – 18th June 2015
Best Of Hadd-e-Adab – 18th June 2015
Kadi Se Hathkadi (Crime Show) – 18th June 2015
Islamabad Tonight With Rehman Azhar (Imran Farooq Killers Arrested) – 18th June 2015
Situation Room (Current Political Situation) – 18th June 2015 – 9:30 Pm To 10:30 Pm
Khawaja On Demand On Roze Tv (REPEAT) – 18th June 2015
Aaisy Nahi Chalay Ga (Sindh Mein Corruption Urooj Par) – 18th June 2015
Khabar Roze Ki (PMLN Distances Itself From PPP) – 18th June 2015
Awaz (Asif Zardari's Telephone Call To Altaf Hussain) – 18th June 2015
News Plus On Capital Tv (Zardari in Trouble?) – 18th June 2015
G For Gharida (Important Criminals Arrested) – 18th June 2015
Jaiza (PPP Criticism on Army in Parliament) – 18th June 2015
News Point (Peoples Party Ka Fauj Ke Samne Khare Hone Ka Faisla) – 18th June 2015
Live With NBC On Bol Tv (Core Commanders Karachi Ka Daura) – 18th June 2015
92 at 8 (Zardari Aur Altaf Hussain Ka Gath Joor) – 18th June 2015
Defence Mattars (Current Political Situation of Pakistan) – 18th June 2015
Situation Room (Political Environment Heating Up) – 18th June 2015 – 8:30 Pm To 9:30 Pm
Haq Se Bol (Asif Zardari Fauj Ke Khilaf Datt Gaye) – 18th June 2015
Benaqaab (Responsibilities of Developed Countries) – 18th June 2015
Labb Azaad On Waqt News – 18th June 2015
Bay Bak (Zardari Worried Due to Uzair Balouch) – 18th June 2015

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