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Bari Khabar (India Ke Pakistan Par Ilzamaat) – 28th July 2015
Khabar Roze Ki (Why Govt Not Building New Dams?) – 28th July 2015
Awaz (Who Was Behind Sit-Ins?) – 28th July 2015
Aaisy Nahi Chalay Ga (Bharat Ke Be Buniad Ilzamat) – 28th July 2015
Awaam (Will Musharraf Get Clean Chit in Benazir Murder Case) – 28th July 2015
Aaj Exclusive (PTI Aur PMLN Aik Sath Aage Barh Payein Ge?) – 28th July 2015
Hum Dekhain Gaay (Who Will Give Justice to Model Town Victims?) – 28th July 2015
Waqt Special (Flood Victims Being Looted By Robbers) – 28th July 2015
Jaiza (Resolution To Kick Out PTI From Assembly) – 28th July 2015
Situation Room (Indian Media's Propaganda) – 28th July 2015 – 7:30pm To 8:30pm
Zer e Behas (35 Leaders of MQM Underground) – 28th July 2015
Sachi Baat REPEAT (Kya Imran Khan U-Turn Lein Ge?) – 28th July 2015
Mujahid Live (Sailab Ki Tabah Kaariyan) – 28th July 2015
Benaqaab (China Cutting Gangs Are Backed By Politicians) – 28th July 2015
Waqt Special (Hepatitis in Pakistan) – 28th July 2015
Roze Tv (Flood Special Transmission) – 28th July 2015
Khabar Say Khabar (Discussion on Latest Issues) – 28th July 2015
Akhir Kab Tak REPEAT (Baghair Helmet Ke Safar) – 28th July 2015
Capital View (PTI in Trouble After JC Report) – 28th July 2015
Daleel (What Sindh Hakumat Did to Prevent Floods) – 28th July 2015
Zindagi 360 on VOA News – 27th July 2015
Such Time (Judicial Commission Report) – 28th July 2015
Court No 5 On Samaa Tv (Insaf Kahan Se Mile?) – 27th July 2015
Mera Sawal (Are Our Graveyards Safe?) – 27th July 2015
Jurm Ki Inteha On Rozetv (REPEAT) – 27th July 2015
Aaisy Nahi Chalay Ga (What Is PTI's Next Plan?) – 27th July 2015
Awaz (Imran Khan Apne Ilzamat Wapis Lein Ge?) – 27th July 2015
Bari Khabar On Bol Tv (Latest Issues) – 27th July 2015
Situation Room (Kia MQM Bhatta Leti Hai?) – 27th July 2015 – 9:30pm To 10:30pm
Khabar Roze Ki (When ECP Members will Resign?) – 27th July 2015
Islamabad Tonight With Rehman Azhar (Special From Peshawar Flood Areas) – 27th June 2015
News Plus On Capital Tv (Fake Recruitments in Sindh) – 27th July 2015
Akhir Kyun (Crime Show) on Jaag Tv – 27th July 2015
News Point (Faisal Raza Abidi Exclusive Interview) – 27th July 2015
Jaiza (Imran Khan Ne Faisla Qabool Kar Liya) – 27th June 2015
Sachi Baat (What Is Imran Khan's Next Plan?) – 27th July 2015
Hum Dekhain Gaay (Is There Differences in PTI?) – 27th July 2015
Aaj Exclusive (Rehman Malik Exclusive Interview) – 27th June 2015
Situation Room (Flood Victims in Trouble) – 27th July 2015
Deen-e-Hayat (Islam Kya Kehta Hai) – 27th July 2015


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