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Aiteraz Hai (Is PTI Govt Under Pressure) - 29th August 2020
Aiteraz Hai (Power Politics Destroyed Karachi) - 28th August 2020
Sawal With Amber Shamsi (Ertugrul's Popularity in Pakistan) - 28th August 2020
Protests Erupted In Wisconsin USA After Police Shoot Black Man In The Back
Exclusive Video - 29 Year Old Black Man Shot By US Police In The Back
Sawal With Amber Shamsi (Ch. Sarwar Interview) - 23rd August 2020
Sawal With Amber Shamsi (Nawaz Sharif's Medical Reports?) - 22nd August 2020
Aiteraz Hai (Govt's Efforts To Promote Tourism) - 22nd August 2020
Sawal With Amber Shamsi (Rains in Karachi) - 21st August 2020
Romanian Singer Killed By Train While Streaming To His Fans From Car
A 9 Year Old Yemen Girl Allegedly Shot By Houthi Sniper While Fetching Water
Awaz (Bitter Facts of Govt Performance) - 19th August 2020
Awaz (Hakumat Ke 2 Saal, Kia Khoya, Kia Paya) - 18th August 2020
Sawal With Amber Shamsi (Who United PPP, PTI & MQM) - 16th August 2020
Aiteraz Hai (Naujawan Per Zulm, Peshawar BRT) - 15th August 2020
Sawal With Amber Shamsi (PMLN's Dual Policy) - 15th August 2020
Aiteraz Hai (Independence Day Special) - 14th August 2020
Sawal With Amber Shamsi (Pakistan Ke Maqasid) - 14th August 2020
Sad News From India - Man Murders His Own Son Over Property Dispute
Awaz (UAE Recognized Israel) - 13th August 2020
Exclusive Footage - Presence Of Mind Saved The Guy From Electrocution
Sawal With Amber Shamsi (Business Community Survey) - 9th August 2020
Muslim Rickshaw Driver Assaulted And Forced To Chant 'Modi Zindabad' In India
Aiteraz Hai (Hakumat Aur Opposition Mein Mahaz Arai) - 8th August 2020
Sawal with Amber Shamsi (Public Survey About Govt Performance) - 8th August 2020
Aiteraz Hai (Imran Khan's Lahore Visit) - 7th August 2020
Sawal with Amber Shamsi (NAB Ka Radar) - 7th August 2020
Accused Arrested For Undressing Girl On Road In Rawalpindi
Awaz (Karachi Mein Barish Ke Pani Ka Masla) - 6th August 2020
Accountability Court Indicts Shahbaz Sharif And Hamza Shahbaz In Ramzan Sugar Mills Case
After Lebanon, Massive Fire Breaks Out From UAE's Ajman Market
Awaz (Pakistan Supports Kashmir's Freedom Movement) - 5th August 2020
Awaz (Sheikh Rasheed Exclusive Interview) - 3rd August 2020
Muslim Man In India Beaten With Hammers On Suspicion Of Transporting Beef
Eid Special With Umar Sharif - 2nd August 2020
Hamare Mehman (Fawad Chaudhry Exclusive Interview) - 2nd August 2020
Aiteraz Hai (Anti Terrorism Legislation) - 31st July 2020
Sawal with Amber Shamsi (Shahid Afridi Exclusive Interview) - 31st July 2020
Awaz (Will Pakistan Get Out of FATF Grey List) - 30th July 2020
Key Allegedly Stabbed Into Man's Forehead For Not Wearing Helmet While Riding Bike

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