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Aiteraz Hai (Awam Mehngai Se Pareshan) - 3rd July 2022
Meray Sawaal (Imran Khan's Wife Bushra Bibi's Audio Scandal) - 3rd July 2022
Meray Sawaal (Punjab By-Election: Imran Khan Vs Maryam Nawaz) - 2nd July 2022
Another shameful record for Stuart Broad as he concedes Test-record 35 runs in one over against India
Aiteraz Hai (CM Punjab Election | Inflation Out of Control) - 1st July 2022
Special Transmission (CM Punjab Election | Supreme Court Hearing) - 1st July 2022
Haroonabad: See what influential people did with lady doctor in the presence of police inspector
Awaz (MQM's Allegations of Rigging in LB Elections) - 27th June 2022
Meray Sawaal (By-Election Punjab, Which Party Is Going to Win?) - 26th June 2022
Sawal Yeh Hai (Mismanagement in Election) - 26th June 2022
Aiteraz Hai (Local Bodies Election: PTI Vs PDM) - 26th June 2022
Aiteraz Hai (Imran Khan's Criticism of Budget) - 25th June 2022
Meray Sawaal (Exclusive talk with Hamid Khan) - 25th June 2022
Aiteraz Hai (How Super Tax Will Affect Inflation) - 24th June 2022
Meray Sawal (Super Tax | IMF's Green Signal) - 24th June 2022
Black and White with Hassan Nisar (Imran Khan's Demands) - 24th June 2022
Awaz (President Arif Alvi Refused to Sign NAB Amendment Bill) - 21st June 2022
Awaz (Imran Khan's Protest Against Inflation) - 20th June 2022
Aiteraz Hai (Petrol Price Hike | PTI's Protest) - 19th June 2022
Meray Sawaal (PTI's Countrywide Protest Against Inflation) - 19th June 2022
Aiteraz Hai (PTI's Countrywide Protest Against Inflation) - 18th June 2022
Aiteraz Hai (Imran Khan's Protest Against Inflation | FATF) - 18th June 2022
Meray Sawaal (FATF Ready to Remove Pakistan From Grey List) - 18th June 2022
Black and White with Hassan Nisar (Current Issues) - 16th June 2022
Meray Sawal (FATF Grey List | Imran Khan's Call For Protest) - 17th June 2022
Aiteraz Hai (Politics on Economy | Inflation | Petrol Price Hike) - 17th June 2022
Breaking News: PMLN's Daniyal Aziz seriously injured in car accident, shifted to hospital
Awaz (Imran Khan Not Ready to Accept DG ISPR's Stance) - 15th June 2022
Awaz (Hamid Khan's meeting with Imran Khan) - 13th June 2022
Meray Sawal (What Imran Khan Is Waiting For..?) - 12th June 2022
Aiteraz Hai (Budget | Inflation | Political Victimization) - 12th June 2022
Meray Sawaal with Mansoor (Budget | Shahbaz Sharif Bail) - 11th June 2022
Aiteraz Hai (Budget Discussion | Inflation on Rise) - 11th June 2022
Black and White with Hassan Nisar (Current Affairs) - 10th June 2022
Meray Sawaal with Mansoor Ali Khan (Is Budget People Friendly?) - 10th June 2022
Awaz (NAB Recoveries, New Pandora Box) - 7th June 2022
Awaz (Audio Leak About Bushra Bibi & Farah Gogi) - 6th June 2022
Aiteraz Hai (Load shedding | President Alvi's Objection on NAB Amendment) - 5th June 2022
Meray Sawaal with Mansoor Ali Khan (Another Leaked Call) - 5th June 2022
Aiteraz Hai (Pakistan's Economic Crisis | Inflation) - 4th June 2022

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